Discover Jeeves ERP

Jeeves offers a powerful, cloud-based ERP software tailored for mid-sized companies in the manufacturing, production, distribution, wholesale and service sectors.

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A powerful ERP designed to elevate your business

The core of Jeeves ERP consists of seven application areas, fortified with powerful enterprise features. The extensibility of Jeeves allows for the seamless integration of additive solutions and integrations. The rich functionality found within each area is backed by 20 years of R&D.

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Financial Management

Simplify your day-to-day accounting and reporting tasks while reducing multi-country, multi-currency complexity.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Jeeves is optimised to support manufacturers and distributors of all types with features such as multiple warehouse and currency support, multi-language capability and robust supply chain management. Our Supply Chain Management module provides complete visibility and collaboration across your supply chain.

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Manufacturing Management

Jeeves provides a comprehensive range of functionality for both process and discrete manufacturing environments, from raw materials and production preparation to shop floor reporting, attendance and all types of planning and scheduling activities.

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Sales and Customer Service

Sales and Customer Service

Regardless of whether your goal is to find new customers or service existing ones, Jeeves ERP includes fully integrated CRM functionality and a range of order fulfilment tools that give your customer service representatives the data they need to set realistic expectations for pricing, lead times and deliveries.

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Product Management

As a product manager, you need a strategic and cross-functional approach with visibility across the entire product lifecycle. With Jeeves for Product Management, you can create workflows to manage the entire product launch process - from planning and design to QA and testing.

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Project Management

Our solution provides comprehensive support for project management and project-based manufacturing, with built-in capabilities for reporting on the amount of time spent on each project. It also enables you to track progress and accumulate costs. You have the visibility and reporting tools you need to deliver projects on time and on budget.

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Aftermarket Service

Service Management

Our service management toolset is robust, making it easy to plan, schedule and track service tasks. With built-in tools for managing traceability, contracts, warranties and complaints, you can proactively manage service backlogs.

Enterprise features

With a comprehensive set of multi-company and enterprise capabilities, your organisation can rely on ERP support for today's and tomorrow's challenges as you expand product lines, companies, geographic reach and supply chain partners.

Our multi-company capabilities are integrated throughout the system. The Jeeves workflow helps you build efficient sales processes and launch new product lines. All Jeeves ERP functionality can be customised to meet the complex needs of your business.

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The benefits of Jeeves ERP

The system's innovative and robust architecture allows you to take full advantage of the latest technologies, such as cloud and mobile solutions. This ensures that you get an ERP system that's perfectly tailored to your business - and all the benefits that come with it.

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Proven for your business, unique in your way. Jeeves ERP is a comprehensive system that can be easily adapted to your business and scaled as your needs change. Your own customisations are preserved as all system changes and integrations automatically follow when the system is updated. This means you can continually benefit from new intelligent features and an expanded digital ecosystem.


The power of the cloud with full control of your data. Jeeves ERP Cloud is delivered as a turnkey service via a private cloud, complete with maintenance and customer support. This means low start-up costs and efficient implementation. Because it runs as a service, there is less demand on your internal IT environment and IT resources to manage the system. Instead, they can focus on developing your business. With Jeeves ERP, you are ready for the cloud services of the future.


A long-term and sustainable partner. As a Jeeves customer, you have a single point of contact for all your ERP needs. The fixed monthly cost includes operation, maintenance, support and annual updates. So you always know what your ERP is costing you. Our goal is to make your life easier and your customers happier.





Forterro cloud - accessible and secure. When you use Jeeves ERP, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands. Your system runs on your private cloud with both external and internal security. We make sure you always have the latest security updates on the platform and in the ERP. We also guarantee high availability and fast recovery times if something goes wrong.





Get the job done wherever you are. With Jeeves mobile app, your ERP is always with you. The mobile app even lets you use the capabilities of your mobile device. The app comes with several processes that you can use and customise to suit your needs. You can easily report production, create sales orders, approve invoices or perform other activities on the go. The framework in Jeeves ERP also allows you to build mobile processes based entirely on your own customised processes.





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Continuously improved business support, always tested for you. When you use Jeeves ERP, you can be sure that you will always have access to an ERP with new features that will increase your productivity. An annual update is included in your monthly cost. You avoid surprises because everything is verified by Jeeves in your test environment before an update is applied, and you decide when this happens.




Enhance your ERP with intelligent additive solutions