Financial Close - made easy with Adra

Integrate Jeeves ERP with Trintech's Adra Balancer and Adra Matcher to dramatically improve your financial close process. The integration allows for a seamless exchange of data, making the financial close process easier and more efficient.

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Adra allows you to automate and streamline tasks, improve accuracy, reduce risk, and better manage your financial close. Eliminate repetitive data entry and bring clarity to your internal processes once and for all. Easily match transactions, automate balance sheet reconciliations and gain full visibility.

Modernise your financial close process. By automating and standardising tasks, the efficiency of your business will increase and allow you to focus on more value-added tasks. The Adra solutions are cloud-based and are purchased as a service as an integration to your Jeeves ERP. The solution is easily scalable as your needs change. 

  • Adra Matcher
  • Adra Balancer

ADRA MATCHER – Automated Transaction Matching 

Matching transactions is a time-consuming task in financial close management. It is particularly true if you still use Excel and paper and pencil like many others. By automating repetitive transactions, you ensure a better, faster and less stressful closing process and can focus on dealing with deviations. Matching is done daily so that transactions don't pile up until the end of the month when you need time for balance sheet reconciliation and reporting. 

Match transactions with bank statements, credit card statements, point of sale, merchants, third-party delivery services and other external sources in a fraction of the time manual processes take. Eliminate time spent on transaction matching.

The Benefits of Adra Matcher 

  • Save time - by automatically and continuously matching transactions, you eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming tasks and can speed up the monthly financial close.
  • Simplify - automation allows for the import of new data types, setting up complex matching rules and collecting all information in one place in an audit-ready format.
  • Quality assurance - by reducing manual errors, finding mismatches and exception reports, you can be reassured of errors. With automatic matching, the number of transactions to review will be reduced and instead, you can focus on investigating exceptions and unresolved transactions.
  • Multi-way matching - with automated multi-way matching capability (three-way, four-way and more), you can quickly configure matching scenarios and set up rules to automatically review one-to-one, one-to-many, multi-to-one and multi-to-many matches.
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ADRA BALANCER - Fast and Accurate Reconciliations

Reconciliation and documentation is an extremely time-consuming part of the financial close process. Hundreds, or thousands of balance sheet accounts need to be reconciled before each monthly financial close, often under tight time pressure. If the support in this process is an old inherited Excel file in which no one understands how macros work, the financial close will take increasingly longer as your accounts grow. Streamlining the process eliminates all these issues and frees up time for more important tasks.

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The Benefits of Adra Balancer

  • Speeds up financial close - automating the entry and reconciliation of accounts speeds up financial close and saves valuable time.
  • Enhanced visibility and control - with all accounts in one place, you have a better overview of your workflows and how to improve them. Everything clearly presented in dashboards at transaction, account and user levels.
  • Simplify auditing by giving your auditors individual access to the information they need.
  • Allows you to focus on your most important tasks - not wasting time on repetitive tasks.

Adra Balancer brings an efficiency, accuracy and control that has long been lacking in the closing process. It allows for quick identification of unresolved differences and potential depreciation risks.

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