Jeeves Visualization

Jeeves Visualization helps you visualize your data and make it easy to understand, so that your employees are aligned with the goals you are trying to achieve. This increases motivation and engagement, promotes efficiency and ultimately leads to happier employees and customers.

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Jeeves Visualization provides a clear, comprehensive understanding of data, fostering organisational involvement and engagement. This translates into improved efficiency and customer and employee satisfaction. With this tool, you can customise the information displayed on screens or handheld devices, ensuring that employees have the insights they need for their roles. Whether you use our pre-designed views or create your own, the possibilities for presenting data are limitless, only limited by your imagination.

Fostering a unified vision

Setting and achieving goals is fundamental to any business. Objectives typically revolve around quantifiable metrics that represent our performance and direction. Ensuring that everyone understands these metrics is essential to achieving goals. Equipped with the right information, you can make critical decisions and prioritise effectively. What are today's goals? What steps are needed to achieve them? Are things going smoothly or are there challenges? With clear goals, it becomes easier for everyone to share a unified vision. 

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Saves time

Jeeves Visualization streamlines processes, saving time and automating previously manual tasks such as data entry into the ERP system and the creation of Excel lists. It also minimises errors and makes it easier to track and achieve organisational, departmental and individual goals.

Understanding numbers brings value

Data visualization benefits a wide range of departments, including production, procurement, inventory management, customer order processing and finance. It can also be beneficial in public spaces such as reception areas or cafeterias.

Integrated to Jeeves ERP

Jeeves Visualization is seamlessly integrated with Jeeves ERP, allowing you to effortlessly view and visualise all your ERP system data. Our customisable framework can be extended and developed as required. You can choose from our pre-defined views or build a customised solution to meet your specific needs. Data can be displayed in multiple locations across the organisation and updated in real-time or at scheduled intervals throughout the day.

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Examples of use areas

  • Project-driven manufacturing 
  • Warehouse 
  • Production 
  • Purchasing 
  • Goods receiving
  • Quality assurance 
  • Finance 
  • IT management 
  • Human Resources 


Jeeves Visualization makes the difference

The potential for using data to engage employees and align everyone around common goals is limitless. What data would make your day-to-day operations easier? Contact us and we can work together to develop a customised view that meets your needs.

Everbrand streamlines with Visualization

 - On the screens, we display various KPIs on how the company is performing and the order intake. This makes it easier for everyone to know what we need to focus on. I believe that the more you involve your employees, the more you get back. And when everyone sees where we stand, it's easier to get the team onboard, and everyone makes more effort to reach the goals together.

- With the screens, information becomes more accessible, and everyone can access it without having to learn the ERP system. This is good when we have seasonal workers coming in. What we gain most from Jeeves Visualization is time. Planning is much faster, and everyone gets an overview of what needs to be done. Now it only takes 5 minutes to plan the whole week. 

Alexander Axelsson
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