Enterprise Features

Harness the power of Jeeves ERP's robust multi-company and enterprise feature to effortlessly expand your operations across product lines, companies, geographies and supply chain partners. For unparalleled scalability, our comprehensive multi-company functionality is seamlessly integrated throughout the system. To ensure adaptability to the complex needs of your business, every feature within Jeeves ERP is fully extensible and customisable.

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Multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency

Jeeves ERP is designed for multi-unit or geographically dispersed businesses that manage multiple currencies and operate in multiple languages. 

Jeeves ERP seamlessly manages multi-entity customers and suppliers and easily adapts to the complexity of your business. Its financial functions provide comprehensive insight, allowing you to view balance sheets for individual companies as well as the entire organisation. With built-in tools for managing multiple currencies, exchange rates and fluctuations, Jeeves ERP ensures robust support for your financial operations.

Jeeves ERP offers localisation for over 20 countries, with built-in processes that ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. The system provides customised invoice numbering and international bank verification to ensure compliance. Inter-Company Transactions and Master Data Management maintain data integrity, ensuring accurate and consistent information flows between companies.

Leverage our multi-company and enterprise features to reduce inventory costs, shorten lead times and improve customer service for operational efficiency and profitability.


  • Multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency
  • Intercompany transactions
  • Master Data Management
  • Document Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Security Manager

Inter-Business Unit Transactions

The Jeeves Inter-Company Transactions (ITC) application enables companies with complex organisational structures that span large geographical areas to act seamlessly as a single entity towards their customers. Designed for companies managing distribution centres, manufacturing units or remote sales offices, it is a powerful tool for improving operational efficiency and cohesion across multiple business units.

By enabling the seamless coordination of logistics activities across multiple companies, including order details, financial transactions and inventory flows, Jeeves ICT delivers a significant return on investment. By reducing inventory costs, shortening lead times and improving customer service, it is a strategic investment in optimising operational efficiency and driving business success.

Jeeves ICT provides transparency across all business units, allowing employees to access both supplying and selling unit balances and sales unit requirements. The fully automated exchange of order flow information, including invoices, customer orders and stock orders, maximises efficiency. Any changes to orders, such as selling unit, price or quantity, trigger automatic updates within Jeeves ICT. In addition, supplying units can make changes that affect selling units, ensuring seamless coordination and operational agility.

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