Transport Management

LogTrade's Transport Management System simplifies the process of selecting, ordering, tracking, monitoring and analysing shipments electronically and in real-time. The system supports over 1,200 carriers in the Nordic region with easy partner integration. It is also seamlessly integrated with Jeeves ERP.

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LogTrade's TA system offers regular shippers streamlined control over delivery flows, making it the market's leading cloud-based transport management solution. Seamlessly integrated with Jeeves ERP, it is a multi-functional platform that connects shipments in real-time. It automates planning, shipping, tracking, analysis and returns management, saving time and money.

This solution is ideal for companies that work with multiple carriers or need a returns solution, but it doesn't have to be a large number of carriers. In most cases, it is enough for the company to have one carrier collecting the goods and one or more other carriers handling the returns.  

LogTrade 2.0 supports more than 1,200 carriers in the Nordic region and is easily customised to meet the needs of individual companies, from a handful to thousands of shipments per day. It's an ideal solution for efficiently managing complex delivery flows.

The Benefits of an Integrated Ta System via Logtrade: 

  • Get better visibility of total transportation costs.
  • Improve customer service by automating shipment communications and consolidating shipments.
  • Save time and money and reduce errors with EDI, templates and integrated printing.
  • Improve management of deviations from booking to invoicing.
  • Manage returns management more efficiently.
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Benefits and features

The solution includes a wide range of practical features and additives. Here are real examples of how efficient transport management can save your company time and money.