Product management

Efficiently manage the product launch process by creating planning, design, quality control and testing workflows. This approach allows you to access accurate product and transaction data for each product line. As a result, you can ensure the profitability of your products and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Jeeves Product Management toolset gives you full product lifecycle visibility and the ability to create workflows to manage the entire product launch process, from planning and design to quality control and testing. The system provides accurate product data and transaction information for each product line, allowing you to focus on maximising profitability and identifying areas for improvement.

Optimise your product management with efficient workflows

Use Jeeves Product Management to create workflows for product and service development. From planning and design to quality control and testing, the system enables you to make informed decisions and accelerate your product lifecycle.

Jeeves Product Management provides a range of features to help increase product profitability and identify areas for improvement.
  • Manage and track a global portfolio of products and services sold in multiple geographies.
  • Create custom workflows that match existing feedback management and R&D processes, while capturing meaningful operational metrics.
  • Add checklists or custom fields to track critical product data, such as package dimensions, colours, weights or barcodes, and design your own reports.
  • Search on any field or data point to quickly answer questions.

Key features of product management