Financial reporting and consolidation

Boardeaser is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for professional corporate governance that integrates seamlessly with Jeeves ERP. This integration enables fast and fully automated preparation of financial statements and group consolidations

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Boardeaser is an end-to-end solution solution for boards and executives. Boardeaser's platform simplifies the everyday life of members of your board and management. Board portal, professional reporting, management, and governance – all in one platform. It enables you to quickly and fully automated create financial statements, group consolidations, and simplify and facilitate all parts of the board work.

With Boardeaser's solution, the final phase of the financial statements will be easier, and with an integration to your Jeeves ERP, you can improve your planning and be sure of your financial statements process being complete and cohesive in Jeeves. The work can be planned, you know it is correct and will not take more time than expected. Also, you do not have to do the consolidated financial statements in Excel.

The management of subsidiaries will be easier, and you will also get a visual overview of group structure and control documents, agreements and share registers.

Preparing and producing reports and materials for the company's board and management will be done in an instant. With Boardeaser, you save time and balance the workload. This will reduce stress for you and at the same time give the management and the board supporting documents.

Bilden visar en man som använder Boardeasers lösning

The Benefits

  • Easier to plan the financial statements work
  • Get a cohesive and complete financial statement process
  • Avoid group consolidation in Excel
  • Get an overview of the group structure
  • Save time and a more balanced workload

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