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Jeeves, part of Forterro, is a full-service provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for medium-sized companies. Our customers are mainly in manufacturing, production, distribution, wholesale and in the service industry

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Jeeves ERP is a cloud-based, highly customizable enterprise Resource planning (ERP) system for small and medium-sized companies operating in manufacturing, production, distribution, wholesale, or service production.

Since the start in 1992, we have had a stable growth and our customers are found in a number of different industries, primarily in the Nordic region and in the rest of the world. We work closely with our customers, in everything from business development to implementation and product support.

Våra kunniga verksamhets, - produkt- och processexperter har lång erfarenhet av att hjälpa våra kunder att förbli unika på sin marknad med hjälp av ett flexibelt och kostnadseffektivt ERP-system. Jeeves ERP är en affärssystemslösning som du kan växa med! 

Our knowledgeable operational, product and process experts have extensive experience in helping our customers remain unique in their market with the help of a flexible and cost-effective ERP system. Jeeves ERP is an ERP solution that you can grow with!

We are part of Forterro, a European multi-product software provider serving the needs of industrial companies.

Our history

Jeeves Information Systems was founded in 1992 with the creation of Jeeves ERP, an ERP solution based on the idea that no two businesses are the same. Jeeves' founders then created a system with an ingenious architecture that could support easy-to-build and customized implementations, which could be carried forward through each upgrade. Over the past 20 years, Jeeves has added deep functionality to its core, built an active network of partners and customers, and become one of the leading ERP systems in Sweden in its segment.

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Jeeves has been owned by Forterro since 2012, which is owned by Partners Group. Forterro's business concept is to take market-leading ERP companies to even greater heights by developing and strengthening them. Through close cooperation between Forterro and the local ERP companies, Forterro gains a great deal of local industry knowledge and the subsidiaries a strong global experience. In this way, all the companies within the Forterro family can benefit from each other, and their respective subsidiaries are local but backed by global expertise.

Today, Forterro owns not only Jeeves in Sweden, but also other ERP companies in countries such as France, Switzerland, Poland and Germany.