Jeeves Diagnostic Services

A resource monitoring service tailored to Jeeves ERP is designed to prevent downtime and performance problems. JDS enables a proactive approach and provides a clear view of important system resources.

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Jeeves Diagnostic Services (JDS) is a packaged solution from Jeeves that minimises operational and performance issues. With the solution, you can work more proactively and get a better overview of the steps needed to improve the user experience in Jeeves ERP and surrounding modules.

Analyse in real-time

With this solution, you get a service that monitors and analyses resources with a focus on relevant information for Jeeves ERP, i.e. SQL- and application servers.

With the web-based user interface, you can see real-time data from your resources using the predefined dashboards and analyse trends for key metrics. You can configure resources and alerts. Examples of alerts could be that memory or CPU is running high etc.

The alert manager will monitor resources for any issues and send out an email if thresholds are met. The email will contain details about the issue and suggestive actions or other help.

Quick overview

Also included is a scheduled service that tracks any changes in the Jeeves database, uploading to a server - allowing you to see detailed changes between two dates.

Once a month our technician will perform a health check and update JDS.

Simplicity of subscription service

Jeeves Diagnostic Services is delivered under our standard contract as a subscription service, which means it's quick to get started.


The Benefits

  • ERP-driven monitoring with a focus on relevant resources for Jeeves
  • Enables proactivity with alerts according to predefined rules 
  • Automatic support tickets - send alerts directly to the support team
  • Traceability - provides visibility into changes and allows you to compare today's values with yesterday's
  • Health check by Jeeves expert - maintenance, recommendations and updates of JDS
  • Tracks trends and provides a foundation for decisions
  • JDS insights - compare data with other Jeeves customers

JDS consists of: 

  • Data collection installed on each resource to collect information and alerts
  • User interface Visualise and analyse collected data, configure resources, and alert rules
  • Alerts Service that monitors and sends out alerts via e-mail with details and help text
  • Database changes Tracks database changes, helps find the root cause of an issue
  • The health check Technician performs a monthly health check and any new updates


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