Additive Solutions for your ERP

Extend the power of your ERP with our intelligent additive solutions. Selected solutions are developed by Jeeves, while others are created in partnership with leading software providers.

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Additive solutions provide a quick and easy way to extend the functionality of your ERP. We offer a range of additive solutions for those looking to improve the efficiency of their processes.

Has your company already invested in a solution that is not on the list? That is not a problem, Jeeves ERP's open architecture and service builder tool make it easy to integrate with any cloud solution or on-premises third-party application. This is your ERP, and it is tailored to meet your way.

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Jeeves eInvoice is designed for businesses that need a fast, secure and efficient invoicing solution. It's suitable for businesses with frequent invoicing needs or customers who require electronic invoicing.

With Jeeves eInvoice, you can ensure timely invoicing, efficient communication and minimise the errors associated with manual invoice processing. This solution is a valuable asset to your business.

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Jeeves eApproval is an easy-to-use web-based system designed to speed up the invoice approval process. Once registered in Jeeves ERP, an electronic invoice is seamlessly routed to the appropriate users within the system for efficient processing.

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Financial Close

Integrate Jeeves ERP with Trintech's Adra Balancer and Adra Matcher to dramatically improve your financial close process. The integration allows for a seamless exchange of data, making the financial close process easier and more efficient.

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Financial reporting  & consolidation

Boardeaser is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for professional corporate governance that integrates seamlessly with Jeeves ERP. This integration enables fast and fully automated preparation of financial statements and group consolidations. It also streamlines and simplifies all aspects of board work, making board management more efficient and effective.

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Logistics & Warehouse

Warehouse Management System 

Jeeves WMS provides an easy-to-use and feature-rich version of the Jeeves warehouse management solution. It enables rapid deployment of integrated WMS functionality focused on core warehouse tasks such as receiving, bin replenishment, manual transfers, order picking, counting and more.

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Logistics & Warehouse

Transport Management

LogTrade's Transport Management System simplifies the process of selecting, ordering, tracking, monitoring and analysing shipments electronically and in real-time. The system supports over 1,200 carriers in the Nordic region with easy partner integration. It is also seamlessly integrated with Jeeves ERP.

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Inventory Management & Purchasing

Inventory Management and Purchasing

EazyStock, a cloud-based inventory and purchasing optimisation software, integrates seamlessly with Jeeves ERP. It provides accurate inventory levels, improves demand forecasting, eliminates shortages, and reduces overstocking in a simple and streamlined process.

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Logistics & Warehouse


Electronic Data Interchange through our partner Inobiz is designed for companies requiring frequent exchange of information and documents with their customers, partners and suppliers. Highly efficient and reliable communication throughout the entire supply chain ensures accurate, timely and quality deliveries.

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Inter Company Transactions


The additive solution Jeeves Inter Company Transactions enables organisations with complex structures or geographically dispersed units to act as a single entity to customers. ICT seamlessly automates customer interactions and warehouse replenishment orders, handling all transaction updates required for both selling and supplying companies.

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Product Configurator

Jeeves Product Configurator is a robust tool suitable for companies with make-to-order, assemble-to-order, engineer-to-order or buy-to-order operations. This tool automates the quoting, planning and production of multi-variant, order-unique products. It enables the modularisation and structuring of products so that they can be configured by sales representatives or customers themselves, using pre-defined valid options and conditions.

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Production Planning

Production Planning

EQ Plan is a comprehensive planning tool that provides complete control over the manufacturing process. It enables users to proactively view tasks, deadlines and how operations should be planned to improve production performance. With features such as drag-and-drop functionality, automatic calculation of proposals and more, EQ Plan allows for seamless adjustment and optimisation of production operations. Working together, EQ Plan and Jeeves ERP significantly increase efficiency and productivity.

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Operation & Performance

Diagnostic Services 

Jeeves Diagnostic Services (JDS) is a resource monitoring service tailored to Jeeves ERP and is designed to prevent downtime and performance problems. JDS enables a proactive approach and provides a clear view of important system resources.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence - BI

Jeeves BI is designed for distribution, manufacturing and service organisations who want to improve their business monitoring capabilities. It helps track KPIs, analyse actual versus plan, and identify the reasons behind trends, making it the go-to tool for efficient business analysis.

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Digitise your B2B sales and enable your eCommerce to run seamlessly around the clock, saving time and money and ensuring customer satisfaction. Choose one of our partners and the connection to Jeeves ERP is readily available.

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Data & visualisering


Jeeves Visualisation helps you visualise your data and make it easy to understand, so that your employees are aligned with the goals you are trying to achieve. This increases motivation and engagement, promotes efficiency and ultimately leads to happier employees and customers.