Jeeves EDI

Built on a general platform, Jeeves EDI automatically manages the identification, validation and storage of both inbound and outbound messages. It effectively handles a wide range of recurring message types within a company's logistics workflow and includes a number of pre-built messages.

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Jeeves EDI is designed for companies requiring frequent exchange of information and documents with their customers, partners and suppliers. Highly efficient and reliable communication throughout the entire supply chain ensures accurate, timely and quality deliveries.

Thousands of business communications take place every day, from purchase orders and invoices to order acknowledgements and confirmations. Without EDI, all parties must be adequately staffed to handle these inevitably costly, manual and error-prone communications. EDI reduces the duplication of data entry and the effort required to maintain communication with your constituents while helping all parties to act on information faster.

The Benefits

  • Eliminate costly, error-prone, manual communication.
  • Enable the members of your supply chain to act on information promptly.
  • Communicate reliably and securely with your customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Save time: Free up time for other priorities
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