Jeeves eApproval

Jeeves eApproval is a web-based system that simplifies and accelerates invoice approval. Once registered in Jeeves ERP, an electronic invoice is immediately and automatically distributed within the system to the appropriate users.

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An invoice can be sent to one or more authorisers according to a defined authorisation chain. The authorisation chain can be controlled by rules - there is no limit to the number of rules you can set. Once the invoice has been authorised, it is automatically moved to the activity that, according to the set of rules, is the next phase.

Matching invoices to purchase orders 

Jeeves eApproval also makes it possible to match invoices with purchase orders manually or automatically. You can choose whether to match the total amount or the per row amount. If the match is successful, the invoice is finalised and can be paid immediately. If the match is not successful, the invoice is automatically sent to the employee who placed the order for manual matching.

Once the invoice has been approved by all parties involved in the authorisation chain, it is automatically closed and ready for payment.

Eliminate paper invoices and improve efficiency

Jeeves eApproval is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to eliminate paper invoices or have more control over the approval process with an electronic invoice flow. Jeeves eApproval also benefits a geographically dispersed organisation that must handle and approve invoices across multiple companies, languages, currencies, or time zones.

Reduce lead time of invoices

Using Jeeves eApproval, you can streamline the approval process and reduce the lead time of invoices, and therefore reduce the costs associated with late or "lost" invoices. Because Jeeves eApproval is a process-driven solution, relevant artefacts, including the invoice, are automatically distributed. This is done throughout the entire authorisation chain, which can be adapted according to quality standards such as ISO standards.

Jeeves eApproval is fully integrated with Jeeves ERP so no client installation is required. All you need is a web browser to get you and your team up and running with Jeeves eApproval in no time.  

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The Benefits

  • Reduce the administration time associated with monitoring and tracking the invoicing process
  • Reduce invoice lead times
  • Reduce late fees
  • Provide approval access for anyone in your organisation with a simple web-based client
  • Minimal training is required based on a deep integration with the core system.
  • Low cost to implement and maintain
  • Invoice follow-up and analysis

Features in Jeeves eApproval

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