Project management

The Project Management module provides comprehensive support for managing projects and project-based manufacturing. It includes built-in functionality for reporting time spent on a specific project, managing progress reports and accumulating costs. With this module you have access to all the overview and reporting functions you need to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

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The Jeeves Project module is designed to ensure the profitability of your projects while efficiently managing cross-functional and geographical boundaries. Whether national, international or industry-specific, it addresses complex and time-consuming documentation requirements and adapts to increasingly stringent regulatory standards.

On time, on budget and in the correct way

The module allows you to easily link project activities to your organisation's financial functions, providing comprehensive reporting and access to key project information. This ensures that projects are completed on time and on budget, with timely invoicing and accurate billing.


The benefits of Jeeves project management

  • Project Structure 
  • Managing Projects and Milestone Billing 
  • Graphical Planning and Scheduling
  • Invoicing and Revenue Recognition
  • Expense Allocations
  • Research & Development Tax Credits
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Key features of project management