Jeeves ERP Customer Support provides comprehensive user and application support to complement your ERP solution. It supports your internal Jeeves expertise and minimises the risk of business disruption caused by problems or errors in Jeeves ERP.

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We understand the critical role your ERP system plays in keeping your business running smoothly. Our experienced support team is dedicated to helping you maximise the benefits of your system.

With our support, you get: 

  • Access to the Jeeves Support Portal where cases are handled
  • 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Assistance from our experienced support team for user support and fixes in Jeeves ERP
  • Unlimited access to our extensive training packages.

Rest assured that with our support you always have visibility of reported cases and can track their status. Cases are prioritised according to severity and addressed within the timeframe specified in your SLA.

Our dedicated support team is passionate about helping customers and finding solutions to their challenges.

You are in safe hands

Not to brag, but our support agents boast an average of over twelve years of direct product and business expertise, coupled with over ten years of technical support experience.

One of our Support Consultants says: 

"We love to give our customers that "wow" moment, by showing them a feature they don't use"


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We provide more than "just" product support

At Jeeves, our guiding principle is 'customer first' in every part of our business. Our entire organisation collaborates seamlessly to address your current solution improvement needs.

  • Our product team diligently incorporates feedback at every stage of the product development process, ensuring that our solutions are not only customer-driven but also approved by our valued users
  • Our training team creates comprehensive training programmes designed to educate and empower users at all levels, from beginners to experts
  • Our marketing team organises user and partner conferences, conducts educational product webinars, and diligently distributes product and company-related information through newsletters and emails to keep you informed and engaged
  • Our technicians diligently handle escalated cases as per support requests, quickly release patches to address urgent customer needs, and consistently strive for environmental compatibility and quality assurance. They are also responsible for producing comprehensive documentation and product manuals and are proactive in developing new features based on customer requests.
  • Our product and industry consultants are available to provide you with tailored consulting services to meet your specific needs and objectives.
  • Our dedicated Account Managers are always available to promptly guide you with information on our products, services and the support you need. As your single point of contact, they will work closely with you through regular strategic planning meetings to ensure your needs are effectively met.