Last update: September 17, 2019

We might amend or update this policy from time to time to abide by any changes made in relevant law. We recommend that you visit this page regularly to keep up to date with how your personal data is being processed.

Jeeves Privacy Notice

This document describes the personal data that Jeeves AB and Jeeves Inc collects and manages in its IT systems / platforms, as well as any third party systems that Jeeves integrates or uses to gain access to personal data. It also describes what security measures we take to protect your personal data.

Jeeves Inc complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information transferred from the European Union to the United States.  Jeeves Inc has certified to the Department of Commerce that it adheres to the Privacy Shield Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access and enforcement for personal data. Jeeves Inc is subject to the investigatory and enforcement powers of the Department of Transportation.  If there is any conflict between the terms in this privacy policy and the Privacy Shield Principles, the Privacy Shield Principles shall govern.  To learn more about the Privacy Shield program, and to view our certification, please visit 
We may from time to time add or update this policy to comply with any changes to relevant legislation. We recommend that you visit this page regularly to keep you updated on how your personal data is processed.

What types of personal data does Jeeves collect?

We collect and use information that you choose to give us when, for example, you download a document, sign up for an event or contact a customer service representative. We can ask you to provide your name, phone number and email address. In some cases, for example, when you sign up for an event, we can request additional information, such as your title or any special dietary requirements.

If you are a user of any of our services or represent your company in any form with us, we will handle your name, title, email address, telephone number and other information needed to enable us to have a business relationship.

Jeeves also handles your information if you choose to post something or interact with us on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, and we reserve the right to remove posts that are offensive, reveal sensitive personal information about others or otherwise criminal or contrary to good practice.
Jeeves also collects contact information about potential customers and uses the services that LinkedIn offers to be able to recruit new employees.

Why does Jeeves collect and use your personal data?

Offering our products and services

If you are a customer and/or a user of our products and services we will collect and process personal data relating to your use of our products and services as well as your contact information in order for us to deliver in accordance with our agreement. We will retain such data for the duration of the agreement and a short period thereafter in accordance with our agreement. We may also retain limited information relating to you that we are obliged to keep in accordance with applicable legislation,  for example financial data. 

Customer Support

Customer support collects and processes information about you so that when you contact us regarding an incident or ticket, we can report back to you in a timely and efficient manner. We will retain such data for the duration of the agreement and a short period thereafter in accordance with our agreement.


When you visit our webpages we collect information related to your IP address and your use of our sites through cookies and similar technologies (please read our cookies section for more detailed information) for the purpose of marketing our products and services. If you sign up for an event, download a whitepaper or similar, we might contact you if we think you might be interested in our products and services. If you are not yet a customer but we see a potential business relationship in the future, we might collect contact information to your through publicly available sources and reach out to you. You always have the right to request to be removed from our records, if so, tell our team and they will immediately process your request and cease marketing towards you. We process your personal data as described above based on our legitimate interest to market our products and services and making sure that the content we send you through news letters etc are relevant, and if we haven’t had any contact with you for 18 months we will remove your data. 

Photos and videos

We often publish pictures and videos of our customers (typically either at their facility, our offices, or at a Jeeves event) and do our best to ensure that we have asked for your permission before doing so. If we for some reason have failed to do so or you no longer want us to publish materials featuring you, please contact us and we will remove the materials without undue delay. We are recurrently assessing our published materials and delete any materials that are no longer relevant or up to date.   

Professional Services:

If you are a customer of Jeeves, our consultants will process your information in order to fulfill their duties as part of your Service Agreement. 

Human Resources:

If you have applied for a job at Jeeves or have registered your information in the career site for a potential future job opportunity, we would like you to read our separate Privacy Policy on recruitment.  

When we process your personal data, we do so on the following legal basis:
•    Performance of a contract: The use of your personal data may be necessary to perform the contract that you have with Jeeves. For example, when you register a ticket with support, we use your information to fulfil our duty under the relevant support agreement. 
•    Consent: If you have provided us with your consent for a certain processing of your personal data we will process the data in accordance with the consent you have given. You have a right to withdraw your consent at any time, and we will then cease all processing that has been based on the consent. 
•    Legal obligations: In some cases, we may have to process your personal data in order to resolve legal disputes or to comply with the laws and regulations that apply to Jeeves, for example with regard to accounting or labor market legislation. 
•    Legitimate interest: We process contact information to potential customers based on our legitimate interest in marketing our products and services.

How do we share your information with third parties?

In certain circumstances, we will share your personal data with third parties.

Jeeves India sometimes receives access to read-only personal data when that is required to resolve certain support tickets. Our standard support and maintenance agreements regulate how Jeeves India manages such personal data, as we sometimes may need to download a customer’s database for extensive testing. Downloading a customer database will only occur when we have explicit approval from a customer. In those cases, Jeeves India cannot access, store, manage, share, alter or remove any personal data kept within the database after the ticket is closed.

As we have integrated our product (Jeeves ERP) with other systems we work together with third party partners to provide the best possible product for our customers. In certain cases, we may need to provide our third-party partners with your personal data for them to contact you regarding the use and integration of their product. We will always ask for your permission before doing so.

When we arrange external activities, such as events, we may need to share your information with external parties, such as event coordinators and facility providers. In those cases, we will only provide any information deemed necessary in order to provide you with the best experience during your meeting with Jeeves. Any sensitive information you provide us, such as allergies or other health-related information, will only be shared in accordance with applicable regulations.
Jeeves uses recruiting firms in the process of finding a new colleague. If you want to read more, please visit the career portal and read the Privacy Policy for Recruitment

We use third-party system providers (such as, marketing automation systems, CRM systems, Professional Services automation systems, web site tracking systems, etc.), to process data about our customers or future potential customers. Third party system providers are bound by confidentiality clauses and Data Processing Agreements and are not allowed to process your personal data for other purposes than those instructed by Jeeves. 

We disclose personal data to law enforcement insofar as it is required by law or is strictly necessary for the prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal acts and fraud or if we are otherwise legally obliged to do so. We may need to further disclose personal data to competent authorities to protect and defend our rights or properties, or the rights and properties of our business partners.

When third parties are given access to personal information, we will take appropriate contractual, technical and organizational measures designed to ensure that personal information is processed only to the extent that such processing is necessary, consistent with this Privacy Policy, and in accordance with applicable law.

Where we transfer personal data that Jeeves Inc has received under the Privacy Shield framework, we remain responsible and liable for that personal data if we were to transfer it to a third party acting as an agent on our behalf, unless we can prove that we were not responsible for the events giving rise to the damage. 


Onward transfers under the privacy shield Framework

Where we transfer personal data that Jeeves Inc has received under the Privacy Shield framework, we remain responsible and liable for that personal data if we were to transfer it to a third party acting as an agent on our behalf, unless we can prove that we were not responsible for the events giving rise to the damage. 

What security measures do we take to safeguard your personal data?

In accordance with GDPR, we observe reasonable procedures to prevent unauthorized access to, and the misuse of, personal data.
We use appropriate business systems and procedures to protect and safeguard the personal data you give us. We also use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions for accessing and using the personal data on our servers. Only authorized personnel are permitted to access personal data in the course of their work.

Read more about how we protect your information here.

How can you control the personal information you have provided to us?

 Jeeves takes the responsibility for your personal data very seriously. You have the right to review the personal information we keep about you. You can request an overview of your personal data by emailing us at Please write 'Request personal information' in the subject line of your email to speed things along a bit. We may ask you for further information in order to secure your identity before we provide any information.

You can also contact us if you believe that the personal information we have of you is incorrect, if you believe that we are no longer entitled to use your personal data, or if you have any other questions about how your personal information is used or about this Privacy Policy. You can also ask us to remove all or some of the information about you, in accordance with GDPR and other applicable law. You also have a right to opt-out from onward transfers and uses outside the original purposes for which they were originally collected under the Privacy Shield framework. In any of these circumstances, or if you have any inquiries or complaints relating to our Privacy Shield policies, please email us at, or call us at +46 8 587 099 00 (STO) / +46 (0)31 775 66 00 (GBG). You may also contact our Data Protection Officer at, and you also have a right to issue complaints to the supervisory authority Datainspektionen if you think we’re not processing your personal data in compliance with applicable legislation. 

We have also further committed to cooperate and refer any unresolved Privacy Shield complaints to the European Data Protection Authorities.  If you do not receive timely acknowledgment of your complaint from us, or if we have not addressed your complaint to your satisfaction, please contact your relevant local Data Protection Authority. You can find their contact details here: The services of the Data protection Authorities are provided at no cost to you.

A binding arbitration option is also available as a possibility to resolve complaints relating to our processing of personal data in accordance with the Privacy Shield Framework. More information can be found here


We are committed to privacy and current industry initiatives to protect individual rights on the internet. Recent European privacy laws require us to explicitly outline what tracking cookies we use on our web site and why. This section explains what, why, and how we are using cookies. 

In general, cookies are used to gain anonymous information about visitors and how they engage with our web site. This information is used to improve the online experience of future visitors. A visitor’s behavior (e.g., time spent on site, pages visited) cannot be connected with other identifiable personal data without your express consent via one of our online forms.

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