Jeeves eInvoice

With Jeeves eInvoice, you can quickly and easily generate invoices in multiple formats for customers with eInvoicing agreements. These invoices are then forwarded to the chosen distributor for conversion into the customer's preferred format.

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Jeeves eInvoice allows you to create, send and receive invoices electronically. Customers with an eInvoice agreement in place will automatically receive invoices in any format they choose. Incoming invoices can be reviewed in Jeeves ERP and automatically posted in the accounts payable ledger.

Fast and efficient

Jeeves eInvoice is for companies that need a fast, safe and effective way to send and receive invoices. The application is suitable for all companies that invoice regularly or whose clients are demanding the use of electronic invoicing.

Paperless invoicing saves time and money and facilitates better business with your customers and suppliers. From timely invoicing and communication to the reduction of errors that can occur during manual invoice processing, Jeeves e-invoice is a must-have in today’s competitive marketplace.

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The Benefits of Jeeves eInvoice

  • Eliminate printing, enveloping, and postal costs for outgoing invoices, and the scanning costs associated with incoming invoices
  • Conduct better business with your customers and suppliers
  • Automate the sending and receiving of invoices
  • Streamline approval and accounting processes.

Features in Jeeves eInvoice

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