Jeeves Product Configurator

Jeeves Product Configurator is a robust tool suitable for companies with make-to-order, assemble-to-order, engineer-to-order or buy-to-order operations. This tool automates the quoting, planning and production of multi-variant, order-unique products. It enables the modularisation and structuring of products so that they can be configured by sales representatives or customers themselves, using pre-defined valid options and conditions.

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Jeeves ERP Product Configurator empowers product configuration. Minimise errors, save time and reduce costs by automating the processes of invoicing, planning and production of order-unique products.

Less inventory but a greater variety

Whether the company have a make-, assemble-, engineer- or buy-to-order operation, sales representatives, or even customers themselves, can configure products using pre-defined options and constraints. Jeeves Product Configurator reduces the number of products in inventory while maintaining great product variety.

Custom products increasing in demand

Consumers don't want off-the-shelf, commodity products. They want products that reflect who they are and what they stand for. Products that have a personally chosen pattern or colour, such as a bicycle or a window treatment, for example.

Companies also require customised products. It could be a custom-built industrial machine that operates every day or a custom-built part for a medical device that treats cancer patients around the world.

Jeeves Product Configurator makes it easy and efficient to meet unique customer requirements.

ROI within 11 months

We have been able to get a return on our investment in Jeeves Product Configurator in as little as 11 months, and that doesn't take into account the productivity gains or the quality improvements. We have improved quality and it is more difficult to make late modifications, which is good. The cost of quality deficiency has gone down and we have also increased the number of machines that we can put into production and we have become more productive. We also have the right items at home on time and we don't have to check the orders, we can rely on them being correct. Instead, we spend our time on the preparation of the configurator.

CIDAN Machinery Group
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The Benefits

  • Quote faster than competitors and increase quote generation
  • Reduce order entry errors and order cycle time
  • Reduce the cost per customer transaction while improving the customer experience through engagement
  • Reduce engineering support and time-to-market for order-unique products
  • Reduce inventory levels
  • Increase sales productivity with partial self-service
  • Reduce dependency on engineering and production preparation support for order-unique products