Product Configurator

The Jeeves Product Configurator is designed to help you to reduce the costs, errors, and time needed to give your clients get the order-unique product they envision. Jeeves Product Configurator is for Jeeves ERP customers who want to automate the processes around quoting, planning, and producing multi-variant, order-unique products. Whether you have make-to-order, assemble-to-order, engineer-to-order, pick-to-order, or buy-to-order operations, Jeeves Product Configurator helps you to modularize and structure your products so that they may be configured by sales reps—or even your customers—using valid options and constraints.

Inter Company Transactions

The Jeeves Inter-Company Transactions (ITC) application makes it possible for businesses with complex, geographically dispersed structures to operate as a single entity when working directly with customers. The tool is well suited for companies with one or more distribution centers, manufacturing units, or even remote sales offices. Because Jeeves ICT coordinates the logistical operations across many organizations, including order details, financial transactions, and general inventory flow, the application delivers a significant return on investment, including reduced inventory costs, dramatically shortened lead times, and improved customer service.

Jeeves ICT provides a completely transparent view across all of your companies, allowing users to see item balance information at all supply sites, as well as the demands placed upon them by a selling site. The information exchange in the order process across your companies is fully automated, both for customer and inventory orders. If any order details change, such as the selling company, order quantity, or price, Jeeves ICT will instantly update the order detail for the supplying company. It is also possible for the supplying company to make changes that will affect the selling company.


The Jeeves eApproval application is a web-based system for approving invoices. It is ideal for companies who wish to drive automation into the invoice approval process in order to eliminate the use of paper; support a geographically dispersed organization and supply chain; or comply with stringent quality management processes. The Jeeves eApproval application’s robust approval routing workflow allows for an unlimited number of approval levels, flexible posting rules, and exceptions for any request type. The Jeeves eApproval app also allows invoices to be linked to a single or multiple purchase orders, with an automatic matching at order row level.

eInvoice Powered by Pagero

Jeeves eInvoice, powered by Pagero, supports the creation and distribution of e-invoices in a variety of formats, including .pdf, .csv, .xls, and EDI. Jeeves eInvoice also allows you to receive incoming invoices electronically. You can review invoice information, as well as the invoice itself, in Jeeves ERP. Then invoice may then be transferred to the accounts payable ledger, where it will be posted automatically.

Paperless invoicing saves time and money, and facilitates better business with your customers and suppliers. From timely invoicing and communication, to the reduction of errors that can occur during manual invoice processing, Jeeves eInvoice is a must-have.


With the Jeeves eSales application, you can offer a branded, online storefront to your customers. You can offer as little or as much information as you like on your web portal, ranging from product catalogues and descriptions to delivery, billing and order status and history. The eSales toolset also comes with standard web portal functionality, including shopping cart and online payment processing, as well as account/profile tools for your customers. The Jeeves eSales application is built on the Liferay open source toolset and interacts directly with your Jeeves ERP solution via secure APIs.

Easy WMS

Easy WMS is designed to be a light version of the Jeeves WMS feature, allowing you quickly deploy basic but integrated WMS functionality. The application is based on the core assignments that drive a warehouse, across shipping, receiving, manufacturing and physical inventory. Easy WMS also is designed to support any type of device, from PCs to tablets and smartphones, allowing the application to be as mobile as your workers are.


Business Intelligence Powered by QlikView

Jeeves Business Intelligence (BI) is an adaptable analysis and decision support system, powered by QlikView, which either can be run as an integrated part of Jeeves ERP or stand-alone in a web browser or mobile interface. Whether you used a bundled warehouse intelligence dashboard or build your own custom reports, QlikView’s in-memory associative search technology allows you to freely explore information from multiple sources, rather than being confined to a predefined path of questions. With Jeeves BI, you can identify the key measurements and performance indicators for your distribution operations and monitor them. For example, monitor and track inventory value, inventory turnover, delivery precision and late deliveries.

EDI Powered by Inobiz

Manufacturers, distributors and services companies communicate with their customers and partners thousands of times each day, adjusting, confirming and acknowledging orders, invoices, deliveries and more. Without EDI, all parties can expect extensive manual handling, duplication of data and effort, and increased costs. The Jeeves EDI tool, powered by Inobiz, streamlines the communication process, handling the identification, validation, and storage of incoming and outgoing messages automatically.

Transport Management System Powered by LogTrade

If sending shipments is critical to your business model, and you want to make the process as seamless as possible, from booking and tracking through delivery, Jeeves Supply Chain management can be augmented by the LogTrade app, which provides you with a transport administration system that can easily select, track, view and analyze shipments in real time.

EazyStock Powered by Syncron

EazyStock is a user-friendly and fully-automated inventory management system that helps you manage your inventory like a pro. It provides real-time visibility of the information required for the effective management of demand forecasts and stock replenishment throughout the supply chain.

Label Printing

The Jeeves Label Printing application can be used from anywhere within the system, allowing you to extract data from Jeeves ERP and display it on a label for a number of different purposes, from marking products after they have been manufactured or received, to printing address labels for billing or marketing. The Jeeves Label Printing application can print barcodes to facilitate the accurate, real-time collection and reporting of critical warehouse, logistics and production transactions, allowing you to better measure efficiency and performance. With a little help from your scanners, barcode labels can be created for reporting operation stop and start times; tagging goods for stock, receipt or picking; marking the shop floor travel route; and much more.