With Jeeves Financial Management, you can do things like:

  • Support multiple companies, currencies and languages.
  • Create financial workflows based on user defined roles or processes.
  • Easily search on any field, or any data point and drill down to single transactions.
  • Move, add or remove fields, as well as create your own tabs, buttons and reports.



Key Features

General Ledger

The Jeeves Financial Management general ledger is designed for companies who need a high level of financial control despite business complexity, including multiple sites and locations across multiple geographies. With automated integration between business operations and the general ledger, you can easily find and track transactions across multiple account dimensions. Through automated postings, based on predefined allocation and posting templates, the general ledger is continuously updated. To support external and internal reporting, there are robust reporting, simulation, and forecast possibilities, including predefined—though changeable—templates for a number of statutory reports. With the powerful report generator, you can also design your own drill-down reports, which can be easily exported if needed. Reporting is even further extended via Jeeves Business Intelligence, powered by Qlikview, as well as through the Jeeves Business Control solution, which assists with planning, budgeting and forecasting simulations.

Fixed Assets

The Jeeves Financial Management fixed assets functionality helps you easily manage the depreciation of your company’s tangible assets. By automatically posting fixed asset transactions, as well as calculating and booking depreciations directly into the general ledger, the fixed assets feature provides control of your assets from acquisition to disposal. 

Accounts Receivable

The Jeeves Financial Management accounts receivable functionality helps you optimize the process of managing the creation of an invoice through to a received payment. With payment terms controlled at the customer level and access to the customer credit information, you can create automation and reconciliation tools that allow you to view sales and payment history when entering an invoice, automatically post to the general ledger, and communicate with customers on overdue invoices, interest, debt collections and payment injunctions. Payments can be entered manually or by importing payment files from financial institutions, as well as expertly managed, via advance payment, debit, check, or lump sum across multiple currencies. Integration with the general ledger is automatically made via a journal, which generates a voucher in the general ledger.

Accounts Payable

The Jeeves Financial Management accounts payable functionality is deeply integrated with purchasing, the fixed assets ledger and the general ledger, allowing for process automation and reconciliation tools that will save you time and money. For example, you can automatically approve invoices, automate postings to the general ledger, and prioritize payments to optimize cash flow. Combined with the Jeeves e-Approval solution, you can create a digital workflow, matching scanned invoices with their payment status or a purchase order. Jeeves accounts payable also is flexible enough to handle the

complexities of your business, easily managing multiple purchase orders from multiple suppliers using different tax requirements and currencies.

Localizations and International Payment

Localizations can accommodate the financial requirements of a country or region, while maintaining financial process and data consistency across multiple companies or sites. Jeeves Financial Management supports localizations for more than 20 countries, including built-in processes that abide by local regulatory requirements, as well as other convenient localizations, such as invoice reference numbers and international banking validations. A number of outgoing payment routes and stored procedures are supplied as standard within the Jeeves solution, along with a template to work with other banks. Some examples are:

  • Telepay – Domestic and international payments via Norwegian banks
  • Credit advice and Direct Debit (ISO 20022 XML) – Domestic payments and cross border euro payments within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
  • DTAUS and DTAZV  – Domestic and international payments via German banks
  • BACS – Domestic payments via British banks and building societies
  • DTA – Domestic and international payments via Swiss banks
  • ACH – Domestic payments via United States banks
  • Slovak VAT
  • Czech VAT

Multi Company/Multi Currency Management

Jeeves Financial Management was built for companies that are managing multiple sites or companies. The general ledger can be set up to reflect the balance sheets of individual companies, as well as consolidated for a corporate view. Moreover, you can optimize your international operations by providing a streamlined, flexible way to manage multiple currencies, exchange schedules, and currency fluctuations.

Financial Reporting

Using Microsoft Reporting Services, you can run standard financial reports, such as a Profit & Loss statement, a balance sheet, and a trial balance report. All report designs can easily be adapted to follow a branch or country standard. For companies operating in the EU, the financial management module also has robust functionality to handle VAT coding, calculation and reporting.

The Jeeves Financial Management application area has a high-performance integration with Microsoft Excel. You can easy search on any field or data point within the system to build lists. Lists can be exported into Excel, with perfect column transfer. Using the Jeeves open SQL database, data can be easily sliced and diced within Excel’s native pivot tables and reporting tools.


Integrations and Additive Solutions

Jeeves ERP can be extended by a number of integrations and additive solutions—some built by Jeeves; others built in partnership with leading software providers; and still others custom-built by our product experts leveraging the system’s open architecture and service builder tool. Additive application areas include: