The Most Popular ERP-System in Sweden is Developed by Jeeves

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The cost of ownership and the ability to support business processes are two main factors that made Jeeves climb from third to first place in the category "Sweden's most popular ERP-system" this year. The result is based on the conjunction of more than 1,000 respondents' view of an ideal ERP-supplier together with their opinion on performance, competence and price of various ERP-systems.

"This confirms that our investments in low cost of ownership, flexibility and scalability are in line with companies' demands. Customers are realizing the importance of the ERP-system's impact on their business processes and ultimately their business success," said Bengt-Åke Älgevik, CEO of Jeeves.

"I am also very glad to see that a Swedish company wins this competition. We are happy and proud. Visma finished second, and last year’s winner Microsoft finished third."

About Exido | The IT-barometerTwice a year, Exido conducts a survey of over 1,000 IT managers in Sweden. A part of the survey is the IT managers grading of the various suppliers. Since 2002, Exido has followed the IT market as a whole, and in its various segments. The IT barometer is considered the best source of knowledge about how the market thinks and acts in Sweden.

About Jeeves

Jeeves Information Systems AB is a leading supplier of ERP-systems, who with the products Jeeves Selected, Jeeves Universal and Garp provides companies with efficient solutions to develop and support their business processes. Jeeves ERP-system offers a wide functionality to the lowest total cost of ownership in the market*. The customers are companies with 5 to 1000 employees and are represented by approximately 4000 companies in over 40 countries. Jeeves focuses on product development while sales are performed by partners and resellers. The business started in 1992 and since 1999 Jeeves is listed on NASDAQ, OMX Nordic Exchange (Small Cap).For further information, see

* Radar Group