Frank Dandy will Grow Seamlessly with Jeeves ERP

For a clothing company like Frank Dandy, variant management, i.e. the handling of particular sizes, colors and qualities, is an important process. In Jeeves, this solution is available in its standard functionality.

"With Jeeves ERP we will get a tailored solution without having to make any customizations ourselves. The variant management solution was one of the deciding factors in the decision process. We get a user friendly system to add on functionality as we grow and needs arise. The possibility to seamlessly grow into a complex system is hard to find – most systems demand a change of both platform and system," said Niclas Winroth, CFO at Frank Dandy.

"We are proud of Frank Dandy’s choice of us as partner and we see a great potential in the industry. More and more companies shows an interest in our fashion industry packaging of Jeeves ERP, where the variant management is one example of many possibilities in making industry specific business processes more efficient," said Jonas Hammarberg, vice president at Infocube.

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