Faith in the future — Svenska Köttföretagen selects Jeeves ERP

Svenska Köttföretagen has chosen Jeeves to provide its ERP system and platform solution to ensure continued development of the internationally leading Swedish meat production industry. The decision-making process has been lengthy and competition very stiff, especially from another global ERP supplier. Anneli Vidjelid, who is head of administration at Köttföretagen, says, “With Jeeves’ proximity and understanding of our actual needs, the company has proven to be a strong player, in addition to being easy to work with.”

Svenska Köttföretagen, a company owned by the largest slaughterhouses in Sweden, works to develop the industry. Köttföretagen also includes Gård och Djurhälsan AB — an advisory company that aims to help maintain efficient and healthy animal husbandry. The company’s role is to promote growth and profitability in Swedish meat production, as well as to ensure production is both climate smart and conducive to good health.

The company’s new solution is Jeeves ERP version 5,and includes Jeeves’ integrated e-sales solution. Since administration will be managed centrally from Skövde,  a Jeeves multiple-company solution will be an important aspect of the installation. “Jeeves includes the multiple-company solution as standard, which means it is well developed,” says Anna Abelsson, who is a project manager and controller at the Shared Service Center in Skövde.

One trait that many of Jeeves’ customers have in common is a willingness to change and an innovation mindset. In fact, they choose Jeeves ERP specifically for its easy customization. Svenska Köttföretagen is no exception. The company works on the basis of faith in the future, sustainability and innovation. “I am looking forward to mutually beneficial and long-term collaboration,” says Jens Wiik, who is the delivery manager for this very exciting project.