What is Cloud ERP?

Frequently Asked Questions on Cloud ERP


What is Cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP refers to a cloud-based business system where IT services are delivered over the internet. Unlike on-premises solutions, where IT services are hosted and managed in an organisation's own data centre, cloud ERP solutions are hosted and managed by a third-party cloud provider in its data centres. This allows companies to access their ERP system and related services remotely over the internet, without the need for on-site infrastructure and maintenance.

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ERP Definition

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a type of software used by organizations to manage and integrate important parts of their businesses. An ERP software system can integrate planning, purchasing inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and more.

For businesses seeking more flexibility and scalability, Cloud ERP offers these same services through cloud-based platforms. This means that instead of hosting all the software and data on in-house servers, it is managed by the ERP provider in the cloud. This allows for easier access, maintenance, and updates, providing a more cost-effective and scalable solution. Cloud ERP systems are typically subscription-based and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making them ideal for modern, dynamic business environments.

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Turnkey service
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Future proof
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1. You pay for a turnkey service

Free yourself from the hassle of owning hardware. With cloud services, you simply pay for what you need, when you need it. No upfront costs, no maintenance headaches - just seamless efficiency.

2. You can upgrade or downgrade

Scale effortlessly with a cloud-based ERP solution. Adapt to growth, market changes and changing needs without the burden of excessive costs. Stay agile and efficient.

3. It is future-proof

Stay ahead of the game with future-proof, cloud-based ERP. Seamlessly integrate new features and technologies like mobility, AI and machine learning as they emerge. Continue to evolve and innovate as you go.

4. Get up and running quickly without large IT projects

Accelerate ERP implementation and free up resources for core tasks. Streamline operations with rapid deployment.

5. It is secure

Ease the burden of system maintenance and security. With the provider handling updates, upgrades and technical issues, your team can focus on core business objectives. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the provider is managing operations, security, data protection and back-ups

Why the cloud and why Jeeves ERP Cloud?

Watch the video below to hear our cloud expert Omid Osman explain.

How does Jeeves Cloud ERP work?

Jeeves ERP Cloud provides a scalable and secure infrastructure tailored to support the full functionality of Jeeves ERP. With extensive customisation capabilities and seamless integration into existing IT environments, it ensures flexibility and efficiency. Enjoy the benefits of a turnkey ERP system with fixed monthly costs, easy upgrades and hassle-free integration.

Designed for growing midsize businesses, Jeeves ERP Cloud provides the control, customisation and security of an on-premises ERP system with the convenience of cloud services. Enjoy the benefits of hassle-free maintenance and support, while retaining the flexibility to customise your system directly in the cloud to fit your unique workflow.