Jeeves Service Management has the depth of functionality needed to manage your services operation, inside a flexible and configurable platform that can be aligned with your unique processes and workflows. With Jeeves Service Management, you can:

  • Service your customers from multiple companies using different currencies and languages.
  • Create custom workflows that match your existing service and repair process, and capture meaningful service data.
  • Gain visibility into inventory, with an up-to-date stock balance and integration with invoicing.
  • Ensure complete traceability of maintained and repaired goods.
  • Search on any field, or any data point.



Key Features

Service Tracking and Workflow

A service technician's work can begin with a predefined service flow template, detailing the standard material and labor needed for a particular service order, or he or she may choose to build a manual register of time and materials used as the work progresses. Service orders can be created with or without a connection to a bill of material or serial number items. Because of the Jeeves Service Management application area’s deep integration with sales orders, project reporting, inventory, and manufacturing, your technicians will remain connected to real time data. For example, they can check inventory for spare parts, create a purchase order for replacement parts, or report on service interruptions.

Service Parts & Inventory

Service parts are at the core of service execution, yet firms often struggle to manage the service parts network—getting the right part to the right location at the right time to meet service-level agreements. Jeeves Service Management provides you with the tools you need to plan inventory and forecast the demand for parts using historical demand and the schedule for upcoming service calls. 

Contact Center Support

Jeeves Service Management features basic contact center functionality that allows you to respond to customer issues and questions related to your products and services. Directly integrated with important customer data, such as order and billing history, warranty information, and service contracts, your representatives can focus on building relationships with customers and resolving customer issues.

Service Contract, Warranty and Claim Management

Jeeves Service Management tightly integrates contractual obligations into the services workflow, allowing you to consistently and accurately forecast revenue and manage services engagements. The terms of both contracts and warranties can be tracked at the customer level, so that processes can adhere to their standards, from how and when you issue an invoice to processing a warranty claim.

Field Service Graphical Planning and Scheduling

With the Jeeves planning system, you can view, plan and schedule resources in a graphical manner to automate break-fix, repair, installation and other field service activities by assigning the right person at the right time and place with the right parts, tools and skills. Within the easy-to-use graphical interface, your dispatchers will know who is available for assignment and your technicians will know where they need to be.


Completed service work and used materials can be invoiced via the order routine in the sales module or via the assignment routine in the time, projects, and assignments module. The invoices are automatically entered in the accounts receivable ledger and posted according to the configured routine of activities. Service order rows are closed and saved as a service progresses, each with an item number and quantity specified. Invoices can be generated before, during and after engagements, according to the milestones you choose. The invoicing process also can handle meter readings, and automatically takes into account price lists, discount agreements, and other service-level agreements and guarantees. The service order is updated with the invoice number for easy cross reference and traceability.

Mobile Field Service

The Jeeves ERP mobile app provides a number of processes out of the box, including service management, which provides faster time to invoice, improved margins, better quality data, and a more professional, modern work environment for your service technicians. Your remote field technicians can use the mobile field service processes in the app to report work hours and materials, log field notes, obtain customer signatures, access service history or warranty information, or communicate directly with the back office.

Document Management

Jeeves Service Management comes with powerful electronic document management (EDM) functionality, allowing your service managers to attach key documents to customers, service orders, items, or any other system record, transaction or process. Documents can be viewed, checked in and checked out based on role-based permissions, ensuring the most current approved version is always accessible.