Jeeves Service Builder

Jeeves Services Builder (JSB) is a dynamic endpoint that can be used by integration servers to connect to and interact with other systems. As an extension of your Jeeves ERP system, JSB can help you create and publish web services that will consistently talk to third-party systems and data sources.

Design Client

The Jeeves Design Client can be used to design and develop the Jeeves ERP user experience (UX) on any device. The Jeeves Design Client can be used to modify both the Jeeves Mobile Client and the Jeeves Desktop Client user interface, including programs, dashboards, widgets, charts, and much more.

Site Repository

Jeeves ERP’s genius architecture separates any type of personalization or customization from the core system, so that you can carry them forward through every upgrade. Your changes, whether you develop them yourself or engage one of our experts to build it for you, remain safe inside the site repository.

Customization Framework

Jeeves ERP delivers a powerful, open-standards-based platform service that allows for deeply personalized implementations. You can integrate with other systems, create custom features, or build out powerful workflows and reports.

Desktop and Mobile Client/UI

Jeeves ERP delivers a dual-client strategy that represents a modern and future-proof approach to your ERP system. The strategy eliminates the need for the increasingly obsolete browser-based thin client. Instead, whether your device is 3 inches wide or 30 inches wide, Jeeves ERP can be delivered in real time, based on who you are, the size of your screen, and the type of work being done. The new Jeeves Desktop Client delivers Jeeves ERP to the back office user, while the new Jeeves Mobile Client delivers Jeeves ERP to the remote user.