Jeeves Mobility

Jeeves Mobility seamlessly integrates the robust capabilities of the ERP system with the versatile capabilities of mobile devices. You can easily create, design and implement customised processes and use cases within the mobile app, ensuring that your ERP system is accessible wherever you go.

Bilden visar en person som använder Jeeves i mobilen
Bilden visar Jeeves ERP på mobilen

The Benefits

  • Interacts seamlessly with your Jeeves ERP in real-time, ensuring instant access to critical data and processes
  • Rapid development compared to third-party vendors, ensuring rapid implementation of tailored solutions to meet your business needs
  • Easy to customise, upgrade and deploy

Jeeves Mobility you can innovate cost-effectively, whether you design your own processes or with the assistance of our consultants.

The Jeeves mobile client installs as an app on your phone or tablet and integrates seamlessly with existing mobile features and applications. For example, you can use the phone's camera to scan barcodes or launch the email application to send order confirmations directly from the mobile client. This integration improves the user experience by leveraging familiar mobile functionality within the ERP system, enabling efficient and intuitive mobile processes.

Get started right away

While the Jeeves Mobility Framework allows you to create any type of mobile process, it also comes with a number of ready-made mobile processes to get you started right away. As part of our framework, we provide a set of processes for:

  • Field Service
  • Production Reporting
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales and order management
  • CRM
  • eApproval

The Benefits of Jeeves Mobility

  • Develop unique, powerful, and native mobile processes quickly and cost-effectively
  • Future-proof your ERP system for an increasingly mobile-first, cloud-first world
  • Deliver context-sensitive, notification-driven experiences to your employees and teams, making them more productive and efficient
  • Give your users a more efficient, productive and modern way to engage in your business


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