Jeeves Desktop Client and Dashboards

Start your day with the most recent information relevant to your responsibilities. Jeeves Desktop Client helps you see the width and depth of what needs to be done, all while ensuring you keep track of how everything is connected to the entirety of your business.

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Gain a complete overview and start working on your priority tasks instantly

With Jeeves Desktop Client, you can start each day with a clear view of your priorities and your organisation's progress against targets. This intuitive tool automatically provides you with the information you need, so you can focus on the big picture instead of being tied up in individual tasks. By presenting key data in an easy-to-understand format, the Jeeves Desktop Client empowers you to make informed decisions and drive your organisation to success.

Predefined roles

Jeeves Desktop Client provides pre-built widgets tailored to different roles such as sales, finance, manufacturing and others. These widgets are designed to display key information and metrics relevant to each role's responsibilities. In addition, users can customise their dashboard using the Design Studio feature to select the specific widgets they want to see. The dashboards are interactive, allowing users to click on fields to access detailed information within the Jeeves ERP system. Importantly, the dashboards are housed in their own interface, ensuring optimal performance and user experience within the Jeeves client.

Pick up right where you left off

If you need to interrupt an ongoing task, you can flag it and add a comment. This action will bring the task to your dashboard so that you can simply click on it to pick up where you left off when you're ready. This feature helps to optimise task management and ensures that important tasks are not forgotten or overlooked amidst other priorities.

Empowering diverse projects and tasks

Jeeves ERP is designed to seamlessly accommodate users working across functions and in different roles. Switching between project-based and warehouse-based views is just a click away, with all views, dashboard objects and programs automatically adjusted to suit the task at hand. You can use the 'Favourites' button to mark your favourite programmes for easy access across the different views.

Faster deliveries and improved delivery accuracy

Jeeves Desktop Client also supports push notifications that are relevant to your role or department. You can create a notification for another user at any time to alert them to something that requires review. The other user can then navigate directly from the push notification to the relevant data set, whether it is a customer order, a quality control journal, or anything else.

Easier collaboration across your organisation

In addition to supporting interactive push notifications throughout the Jeeves ERP ecosystem, Jeeves ERP and the Desktop Client also support sharing relevant information with your colleagues through email. Simply share the information, add your comments and your colleague will receive a link that will automatically take them to Jeeves ERP when they open the email.

Smart searches

Jeeves ERP helps you find relevant and actionable information quickly, all from the same view where you process and modify information. You can create both simple and advanced search queries, which you can save and modify as needed.

Jeeves Desktop Client, along with its dashboard feature, provides support for individual users, departments and the entire organisation to transition from reactive to proactive. By providing a centralised platform where users can access relevant information and insights tailored to their role, the Desktop Client empowers users to anticipate needs, make informed decisions and take proactive action to increase productivity and efficiency across the organisation.

The Jeeves Desktop Client with its dashboard means support for users, support for departments and for the whole company to be less reactive and more proactive. This is why we will make sure that everyone works in the Jeeves Desktop Client. Perhaps this is something other Jeeves customers should also adopt.

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Customise start page for each user

With Jeeves ERP and the Desktop Client, user-friendly design capabilities allow companies to customise the views and dashboard of users and their roles.

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