Arne Thuresson Byggmaterial chooses Jeeves ERP Cloud

Arne Thuresson Byggmaterial i Spånga

We are pleased that Arne Thuresson Byggmaterial AB has chosen Jeeves as the supplier of their new ERP system.

Arne Thuresson Byggmaterial was founded in the 1970s by Arne Thuresson. He met the founder of Grabber® in the United States and was introduced to a plaster screw with a double head and sharp tip. It was very different from the screws on the Swedish market at the time and Arne promised to sell 25 million screws during the first year. In the end, he sold 40 million screws and Arne Thuresson became the general agent for Grabber® in Europe, with Sweden as the largest market. This made an impact on the screw industry in Sweden and was the starting point for the quality screw’s success in the construction industry. 

Family business employing children and grandchildren

Arne Thuresson Byggmaterial is today a family business with both tradition and entrepreneurship that employs Arne's children and grandchildren. The company is specialized in Screw & Fastening, Wall and Foundation and has a turnover of SEK 142 million.

- We chose Jeeves because we need a modern ERP system to make us more efficient and improve the way we work. The old ERP system would have been too expensive to upgrade. We evaluated Jeeves ERP and what impressed us the most is all the functionality included in standard Jeeves. We will use Jeeves for everything from sales, purchasing, warehousing, and finance as well as our CRM. It will also be integrated with our customers," says Pär Thuresson, CEO of Arne Thuresson Byggmaterial.

Arne Thuresson Byggmaterial sells many different types of products, and some are purchased from other countries, this requires the warehouse to be optimized with the right material being purchased at the right time and for the right price.

Cloud-based ERP from Jeeves

- The solution that Jeeves will deliver is completely Cloud-based, which means a smoother implementation project and that Arne Thuresson Byggmaterial is well equipped for the future. They can easily scale up if necessary and will only pay for their needs. We at Jeeves will take care of all the practicalities such as operation, support, consulting assistance in upgrades, and when new legal requirements come. This is all included in the fixed cost, says Anders Viberg, responsible sales representative at Jeeves.

We at Jeeves look forward to being part of Arne Thuresson's future journey and look forward to a successful collaboration.

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