InfoCare chooses Jeeves ERP

InfoCare väljer Jeeves

InfoCare, a leading service provider of technical equipment in the Nordic region, has chosen Jeeves ERP to handle purchasing, logistics, and inventory. With Jeeves' solution, InfoCare will avoid many manual processes, get a better overview and be able to work faster and more efficiently.

InfoCare, with over 180 service points and 1100 employees in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, delivers over 2000 service orders daily, including onsite service, installations, transport, and software services to companies across the Nordic region.

- Jeeves has a very good solution for our needs, we see that we can gain many advantages if we improve purchasing, logistics, and inventory, says Helge Sandvik, CIO at InfoCare.

Given that InfoCare operates in four countries and has central warehouses in four locations as well as local warehouses and distribution points in almost 100 locations, it is crucial to be able to coordinate purchases, see total volumes in warehouses, and be able to take spare parts from the various warehouses. Especially when you work against SLAs and commit to delivering and repairing things quickly. In a fast-moving technical environment, spare parts quickly become obsolete, and it is important to find the right stock level.

- We have great internal IT expertise, and one of the advantages of Jeeves ERP is that it is a customizable ERP that we can adapt, this means that we will be able to save both time and money. We will also use the mobility solution for our warehouses and become more flexible and agile, Helge continues.

- We at Jeeves are very happy that InfoCare has chosen us" says Anders Viberg, sales representative at Jeeves. And we can help them with what Jeeves ERP is good at; handling complex arrangements with several countries, large inventories, large volumes, and many transactions. Also, to manage the return flow of spare parts, which is something our system is good at, concludes Anders.

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Helge Sandvik Infocare

In the picture: Helge Sandvik, InfoCare