Your new Jeeves service for monitoring and traceability


Acting proactively and identifying problems before they occur in the IT environment saves both time and money. If you also keep track of changes, it will be easier to troubleshoot any problems. By connecting to a service that takes care of monitoring, traceability and tells you when something goes wrong, you get invaluable help regardless of whether you work in IT or operations. If you use Jeeves ERP, a new service, Jeeves Diagnostic Services, became available about six month ago that can help you with just that. Hang on and let us tell you how it works.

Jeeves Diagnostic Service (JDS) provides monitoring, traceability and alarm management in one easy-to-use web service. If an alarm is triggered in the system, an email will be sent to the connected email account stating the type of alarm, what it means and a proposed solution. Moreover, a health check is included every month where one of our skilled technicians goes through logs and reviews critical and recurring errors and gives you a summary report with suggested measures.

Focus on the user experience

At Jeeves, we have put a lot of time and energy into creating a user-friendly interface, and the idea is that it should be as easy for an IT expert as someone from operations to understand the information so they can act correctly. Therefore, the information is presented in graphs and tables, and it is easy to click on to look further into the information. The idea is that anybody should be able to use the service without understanding the technology behind it and be able to quickly decide on the right course of action.

What are the benefits of Jeeves Diagnostic Services?


One of the advantages is that you can act proactively and identify any problems before they get too big. You can follow trends and see how the IT environment is doing, for example, see the rate at which the database is growing and the resource usage on specific servers. Based on that information, the company can make decisions, for example when it is time to invest in new hardware. It is also possible to follow up on previous investments in, for example, hardware. Through JDS, you can view response times in the Jeeves application and see how they have changed over time. This is a much more reliable way to follow trends and you get to know in black and white rather than having to rely on system experiences, which are subjective and difficult to measure. By being able to follow trends, you also get information on how you can optimize code based on which procedures use the most resources, such as CPU power, memory usage and reads and writes from the disks.


Another advantage is traceability; you know what has happened and what has changed and you can keep track of it. Without traceability in the systems, it often requires detective work when something goes wrong, and this takes both time and resources. If you have traceability, you can quickly find out what has changed in the database or Jeeves application in the last few days, and with that you can click down to the code level and see what has changed compared to the previous version. JDS makes the whole process much faster, and in addition, Jeeves support also has access to JDS and can easily check what has changed in your environment. This significantly speeds up the process from the time when an error occurs until it can be corrected.

Another advantage of traceability in particular is that it makes things much easier for example during audits. With a service where you can see traceability, it becomes easier to demonstrate that you have control and know what changes have been made. This is a requirement in certain industries, for example in finance and life science, or if the company is to be listed on the stock exchange.    


Thanks to the real-time monitoring in JDS, you will receive an alarm as soon as something is not right. It could be an SQL server deadlock which might lead to performance and stability issues which could ultimately affect the end user. Without JDS, it can take time before such a problem is detected. Usually it is the end users who complain about slow performance, but before the problem is identified, a long time may have passed and both the experience for the user and the daily operations are affected. With real-time monitoring, you will instead receive an alarm as soon as such a deadlock occurs and you can act much faster. This applies to several types of alarms that can be triggered in the system and the advantage is that the consequences do not have to get massive before they are rectified.

Easy to get and use

As the icing on the cake, Jeeves Diagnostic Services is very easy for you as a customer to get, it is a service that is sold as a subscription. You can acquire and get started with Jeeves Diagnostic services just as easily as for example Spotify or Netflix. You pay a fixed monthly fee and can easily cancel the service if, against the odds, you no longer need it.

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