Weekly planning in 5 minutes with Jeeves Visualization at Everbrand

Bilden visar personer hos Everbrand som planerar veckan

Everbrand Sweden in Hillerstorp in Småland is a forward-leaning company with a lot of thing going on. Ever since the start eight years ago, the company has had a very good development. From nine million in turnover the first year to 65 million last year. We got an interview with the company's CEO Alexander Axelsson and he talked about the company and how they use Jeeves ERP as an engine throughout the company. He also gave us insight into how Jeeves Visualization help them clarify goals as well as visualizing what needs to be done. 

Fast deliveries and impeccable service

Everbrand manufactures and sells chemical products under brands such as IS-FRITT, Torrbollen, and Sharkbite. Customers are located both in Sweden and abroad; the company's products are sold as far away as Australia. Having efficient processes in both production and warehouse operations is important to fulfill the promise to customers of high-quality products, fast deliveries, and impeccable service.

- We are a production and sales company dealing with chemical products. We manufacture, sell, and market various chemical dehumidifiers, cleaning products for boats and leisure, and ice melting products, says Alexander.

Jeeves ERP a vital component in a streamlined organization

Everbrand is part of a group where three out of four companies use Jeeves ERP. For Everbrand, they have been using the business system for four years.

- We use Jeeves ERP for all processes within the company, where production and planning were the major changes. The big advantage of Jeeves ERP is its flexibility and the ability to work role-based. I think the whole process works very well with Jeeves; it's simple whether we want to customize based on the machine or production. It's also very quick and easy for salespeople to generate quotes, Alexander explains.

- We currently have 17 employees and employ seasonal workers as needed. We are a streamlined organization where efficiency is important. We have actively chosen to try to diversify our product range to have an evenly distributed order intake. We do this both through different types of products and by selling in different markets; for example, we have entered Australia where the seasons are opposite to ours, which is beneficial, says Alexander.

Jeeves Visualization ensures everyone knows what needs to be done

For just over a year, Everbrand has implemented Jeeves Visualization, using large screens in the business to display data from the ERP system in an understandable way.

 - On the screens, we display various KPIs on how the company is performing and the order intake. This makes it easier for everyone to know what we need to focus on. I believe that the more you involve your employees, the more you get back. And when everyone sees where we stand, it's easier to get the team onboard, and everyone makes more effort to reach the goals together, Alexander explains.

- We also use the screens as a planning tool. On Mondays, we have pulse meetings where we go through the week. Everyone gets an overview of what we are going to do, and during the week, everyone can follow on the screen how we are doing in relation to the goal. We see how we are doing, and if we are falling behind, it is flagged up on the screen. It is also linked to different production groups so we can see which unit should produce what. Previously, planning and all related information were with one person, which resulted in many questions and trips to that person. Now, everyone can see all the information on the screens, he continues.

Weekly planning in 5 minutes and information on mobile

- With the screens, information becomes more accessible, and everyone can access it without having to learn the ERP system. This is good when we have seasonal workers coming in. What we gain most from Jeeves Visualization is time. Planning is much faster, and everyone gets an overview of what needs to be done. Now it only takes 5 minutes to plan the whole week, says Alexander.

- In the next step, we plan to implement Jeeves Visualization for the sales department, and then we'll see. We have received positive feedback internally, and everything is really possible. We could have a screen for each machine, but we are still a relatively small company," says Alexander.

- Another great thing about Jeeves Visualization is that the screens are responsive, which means I can access the screen no matter where I am and see how we are doing. For me, who travels a lot, it's invaluable," concludes Alexander.