Väderstad-Verken AB changes ERP system to Jeeves ERP

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"With such a substantial growth, we foresee Jeeves Universal to facilitate our continuous expansion. We chose Jeeves mainly because of its high level of flexibility and user-friendliness compared to many other systems," said Anders Karlsson, CIO at Väderstad-Verken.Väderstad-Verken has been selling agricultural machines since 1962 and is one of Europe's leading companies within soil processing and sowing. The company, which is a Gazelle company and was nominated for the Swedish Trade Council's Big Export Price 2008, has a total of 750 employees and subsidiaries in twelve countries.Väderstad-Verken is a great example of a customer where the strengths of Jeeves Universal, especially the flexibility, come to its full potential. It is very gratifying that Väderstad-Verken values the full capacity of our powerful ERP system,"said Lars Dahlberg, Sales Director at Jeeves.The order has been signed by Jeeves Information Systems’ partner, InfoCube.

"We are proud of the shown confidence by the customer and can confirm that our long-term focus at Jeeves really matters. Väderstad-Verken has pursued its procurement in an exceptionally professional way with a strong internal support for the project, which is a guarantee for a successful project. We see this as the first step on a journey where we expect to grow at the same pace as Väderstad-Verken," said Jonas Hammarberg, Marketing and Sales Director at InfoCube.About Jeeves Europe´s fastest growing supplier of ERP-systems*, Jeeves Information Systems AB develops ERP systems for companies within the manufacturing, trade, maintenance and service sectors. Jeeves concentrates on product development, while sales are channeled through partners and resellers. In total Jeeves has around 70 partners globally. In Sweden partners are represented at 20 locations. The main products are Jeeves Universal, Jeeves Selected and Garp, all in all installed at over 3 900 companies. Present operations started in 1992 and the company has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1999. www.jeeves.se

* According to Gartner, August 2006