Jeeves and InfoCube in Biggest Deal of the Year

"The deal clearly shows that Jeeves ERP is the right ERP system for midsize companies seeking a solution to meet complex needs," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales & Marketing Director for Jeeves Information Systems.

Dooria is a leading Nordic door producer. With their seat in Stryn Municipality in Norway, their production and distribution units are spread through Scandinavia and Great Britain. After a thorough procurement process, Dooria chose to replace its existing ERP system, XAL and Axapta, with Jeeves ERP. This will be implemented at the parent company and the eight subsidiaries. Dooria's choice to convert completely to Jeeves ERP for its operations is due in part to the functionality in multi-company management provided by Jeeves ERP.

"We looked at practically all ERP systems on the market. With Jeeves ERP's functionality for multi-company management, we will be able to greatly reduce our administration. Our ROI calculation shows that the entire investment will pay for itself as early as 2009. No other ERP system was able to show such positive statistics," said Knut Lövdal, CEO of Dooria.

During the final stage of the procurement process, four ERP systems were still on the table – IFS, IBS, Axapta (Microsoft) and Jeeves ERP. In addition to the quick ROI, Dooria's evaluation showed that the functionality of Jeeves ERP when it came to production was in a class by itself and met their needs. The choice then went to Jeeves Enterprise when implementation by Swedish partner InfoCube was factored into the equation.

"InfoCube has a really good reputation on the market and my own experiences have been nothing but good. We got to visit a number of their reference customers and knew that their way of working with their customers was just what we were looking for in a collaborative partner in a project as important as this one," said Jonas Nordblom, Director of Logistics & Operations Development for Dooria.

The total order value amounts to SEK 12.3 million and includes the modern and flexible Jeeves ERP system with functionality such as Accounting, Production, Purchasing, Inventory/Distribution, Sales and Electronic Invoice Management. In addition, the system will be fully integrated with applications for business intelligence and product configuration. Although InfoCube has had customers in Norway previously, the deal is a breakthrough in the Norwegian market.

"It is our ambition to become Norther Europe's leading exclusive supplier of Jeeves ERP. Dooria once again shows that we can handle geographically spread operations. In the near future, we will recruit approximately 15 new employees to meet the demand for Jeeves ERP in Sweden and to be able to take on several large international deals," said Jonas Hammarberg, Sales & Marketing Director for InfoCube.

Midsize company Dooria's choice of Jeeves ERP over other ERP systems is a sign of a conscious strategy from Jeeves Information Systems. Over time, the functionality of Jeeves ERP was developed and adapted for this company's desires and needs. One example of this is multi-company management. Another is a more advanced and deepened stock management solution.

"This is the biggest deal of the year for the cooperation between Jeeves Information Systems and InfoCube. It shows that Jeeves ERP is ready to take on the operations of complex groups. Our solutions are better and more flexible than any other system on the market. This is why customers like Dooria get better ROI with Jeeves ERP than with any other supplier's system. This is our biggest deal this year, but I am confident that we will see similar deals in the future. Jeeves ERP is our best selling point for this," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales & Marketing Director for Jeeves Information Systems.