QlikView Becomes Standard in Jeeves

The built-in tool comprises around ten standard QlikView applications, including analysis views for order intake, stock trends and financial results. Jeeves will also develop apps based on QlikView.

QlikView is one of the most attractive tools for business analysis and visualization. Up until now it has mainly been used by larger companies, but this is starting to change.

“Jeeves is the only ERP system for the SME segment that offers QlikView as standard. Together with QlikTech, we are lowering the threshold and giving small and medium-sized enterprises access to the powerful BI tools as part of Jeeves,” said Magnus Sjökvist, product manager at Jeeves.

“We’re extremely satisfied with the partnership with Jeeves. The decision to adopt QlikView as a BI platform for Jeeves’ ERP system will give their customers and partners new opportunities to simplify the decision-making process for users at all levels,” said Mats Gullberg, who is responsible for QlikTech’s global OEM channel.   

The apps that Jeeves develops in addition to standard applications mean that users are given the potential to explore ERP data from various perspectives, such as finance, sales, distribution, production, purchasing or personnel – all at lightning speed. Users will be able to download the apps from Jeeves Apps Market, Jeeves’ market place for new ERP system applications existing alongside the standard system.

“Within Jeeves Apps Market, both Jeeves and our partners can continue to develop and market new commercial apps based on QlikView. This will provide a wealth of tools for Business Discovery apps for those organizations that use Jeeves’ ERP system,” said Sjökvist.

For more information, please contact:Mats Gullberg, responsible for QlikTech’s global OEM channel+46 (0)10 209 76 04mats.gullberg@qlikview.com

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