Jeeves Popular with Small Growing Companies

Djurås Verkstad in Dalarna is one of the first companies to have installed JeevesERP. Since the end of 2008 the new system is used throughout the entirebusiness. Maria Vestlund, CFO says:

"We outgrew our old system. We couldn’t improve our business further and welacked control over our flows since most of the work was done manually. NowI have a complete support for the business and an overview of the companyfrom purchasing and inventory to sales and invoicing without an increase inadministration. This is important if we want to develop further."

Jeeves ERP is specially made to meet the competent business support demandsof smaller growing companies’ (5-25 users). Many companies in the target grouphave access to a financial system, but lack support to efficiently plan and run theiroperations. Jeeves ERP is an adapted version of the larger Jeeves ERPand brings financials, operations and business planning together in one solution forthe smaller company. Since the system is built on the same platform as JeevesERP, the companies can grow without having to worry about their ERP-solution.

"With Jeeves ERP we have succeeded in something that our competitorshave not – giving the smaller companies access to a fully integrated ERP systemthat they can grow and develop with without having to change systemas the business gets more complex and the number of users grow. Theadvantage of Jeeves is that we have a common platform for the small and thebig system. And above all, we and our partners have experience andknowledge of the smaller companies’ needs," said Magnus Sjökvist, ProductDirector of Jeeves.

The Jeeves ERP investment is focused on trading and manufacturingcompanies. During 2009, a solution for variant management for the clothing industrywill be launched. 

About Jeeves Jeeves Information Systems AB is a leading supplier of ERP-systems, who with the productsJeeves Selected, Jeeves Universal and Garp provides companies with efficient solutions todevelop and support their business processes. Jeeves ERP-system offers a wide functionality tothe lowest total cost of ownership in the market*. The customers are companies with 5 to 1000employees and are represented by approximately 4000 companies in over 40 countries. Jeevesfocuses on product development while sales are performed by partners and resellers. Thebusiness started in 1992 abd since 1999 Jeeves is listed on NASDAQ, OMX Nordic Exchange(Small Cap). For further information, see

* Radar Group