Nordomatic Chooses Jeeves

Nordomatic is an engineering and contracting firm in the property automation sector. Since its start in 1967, Stockholm-based Nordomatic has developed and installed control and regulation equipment and property automation systems for the Swedish property market.

Nordomatic operations are in an extremely expansive phase, which requires changes such as replacement of the existing ERP system with Jeeves ERP.

"We have reached a point in our operations where a modern and flexible ERP system is a requirement for us to be able to continue developing. We chose Jeeves ERP because its functionality makes it possible for us to integrate all of our processes - from design to service and aftermarket," said Robert Rennel, President of Nordomatic. "We chose SYSteam as supplier because of their great commitment and deep company knowledge."

The total order value amounts to 2.7 million sek. The deal was closed by SYSteam, Jeeves Information Systems' biggest partner. Nordomatic will implement Jeeves ERP for functions such as Accounting, Production, Order/Invoicing, Inventory, MPS and CRM. The modules will be integrated with Nordomatic's self-developed configurator. The solution will be supplemented by over 30 users having access to Jeeves ERP via PDAs.

"The solution being implemented at Nordomatic is exciting. We are integrating all business processes in the three subsidiaries to a single unit. This gives Nordomatic a clear and distinct total picture of its operations. Their employees also get a completely new mobile platform for their work tasks through Jeeves ERP via PDAs. A more modern IT solution for a forward-thinking service company just cannot be found on the market," said Mikael Brodin, Unit Manager for Jeeves ERP at SYSteam Datakonsult Stockholm AB.

The deal with Nordomatic is a breakthrough for Jeeves Information Systems in the service sector with SYSteam as its partner. Nordomatic's business concept is based developing and maintaining customer-specific solutions, which places great demands on the flexibility of the IT support system. The deal with Nordomatic shows that Jeeves ERP is well developed for service-intense industries.

"Jeeves ERP is better than most ERP systems when it comes to integration. This combined with Jeeves ERP's inherent flexibility enables us to create solutions that are effective and profitable for the customers. We are pleased that Nordomatic discovered our advantages and that yet another Swedish midsize company has chosen Jeeves ERP to continue it business development," said Lars Dahlberg Sales & Marketing Director for Jeeves Information Systems.

The deal was taken up into the accounts by Jeeves Information Systems in fiscal year 2006.