LogTrade 2.0 is for companies who dispatch goods on a regular basis. It is the ideal solution for companies that have shipments going out daily or use more than one transport company. Fully integrated with Jeeves ERP, Logtrade 2.0 can help you manage all of your transport needs, from a handful to thousands of shipments per day.




  • Gain a better view of total transport costs.
  • Improve customer service by automating shipment communications and consolidating shipments.
  • Save time and money and reduce errors with EDI, templates, and integrated printing.
  • Better manage deviations from booking to invoice.
  • More efficiently manage your return management process.




Automatic Pricing Calculation

With automatic pricing calculation, you will know what a transport will cost when you enter the shipment in the system. It is possible to calculate pricing for all transport companies. This information can be used to invoice company clients without having to wait for the invoice from the transport company to arrive. Estimated prices are saved in the Control Tower, and used for statistics and follow-up. As a result, you get a good view of total transport costs while you can also view costs per transport company or customer. Since the price can be communicated to Jeeves ERP, you will be able to get even better profitability calculations per order and customer.


The notification feature makes it possible for you to inform the receiver automatically by e-mail or text message, extending your marketing communications channel. By accessing a link in the notification message, the customer can see where the shipment is without needing to contact your company. This saves both parties time. Notifications can also be sent on other occasions. A message can, for example, be sent to the seller when the goods have been delivered. E-commerce companies can also benefit from this feature. If a shipment has been waiting in the carrier office for 10 days, the seller will be notified of this, which makes it possible to follow up deliveries.


The consolidation feature consolidates shipments dispatched to the same recipient in one day with the same transport company and service.

Return Management

LogTrade 2.0 has an advanced feature set for return management for transport companies. Return documents can either be enclosed with a shipment or be sent to the customer electronically. If the shipment is going to a country outside of the EU, the system supports joint loading and returns to local hubs. Return management helps your company save time and money by not having to handle single return shipments across country borders.

Invoice Matching

Importing e-invoices from transport companies is a good way to identify deviations. You can compare the saved shipment information in LogTrade 2.0 with the information on the invoice. If the information differs more than what is allowed, the system will notify you. For example, you would receive a notification if a weight that was stated at transport booking was 100 kilos, but the transport company’s invoice is based on a shipment of 150 kilos. It is also possible to combine the invoice matching and pricing calculation features. By comparing estimated price with invoiced price, you can easily identify incorrect fees and choices.


EDI-information is normally sent out when the goods are collected. LogTrade can be set up to send this information automatically to every transport company — once or twice per day or shipment by shipment.

Dangerous Goods

It is important that dangerous goods are handled safely and efficiently. LogTrade 2.0 comes with an advanced feature set for handling dangerous goods. The system follows the transport company’s instructions for each product and makes sure both that right information is transfered electronically and that it is included on the waybills and labels.

Intergrated Printing

Integrated printing makes it possible to send print jobs to multiple pack stations, warehouses, and partners from directly within Jeeves ERP. The feature streamlines transport management and gives you control over all printing stations, regardless of their geographical placement.


Does your company often ship to the same recipients, use the same transport company, or send shipments with the same contents? Using LogTrade’s template feature allows you to reuse any saved templates when registering new shipments.

Smart Folders

The smart folders feature helps you design the way transport information should be presented in LogTrade 2.0. Within the settings, you can display all shipments handled by one transport company that have been collected, but not delivered. You can also show all shipments going to a specific customer. You can even choose to share information with any customer that is also using LogTrade 2.0.

Logtrade 2.0

Manage all of your transport needs, from a handful to thousands of shipments per day