Jeeves eCommerce Knowit and Litium

Start your eCommerce journey through Knowit and Litium's integrated platform for effortless and seamless digital sales processes.

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We offer a seamless eCommerce solution, developed in partnership with Knowit and Litium, that integrates seamlessly with Jeeves ERP. Are you ready to improve your online sales? Let's get started!

Backed by decades of experience and proven technology, our platform offers unrivalled customisation. It allows you to tailor your eCommerce to your unique needs and comes equipped with basic B2B eCommerce functionality. It also gives you access to exclusive Lithium and Jeeves features, ensuring unparalleled value.

Simplify your customers' shopping experience with our 24/7, self-service digital eCommerce platform. Not only does it improve how you interact with your customers, it also helps drive sales. Customers can effortlessly explore, interact, order and reorder.

Take advantage of features such as content management, advanced search, bulk order management and faster payment processing. Streamline sales with online product information, self-service options, and digital collaboration between customers and your sales team.

Designed for B2B companies but naturally supporting your B2C and D2C customer journeys, this solution saves thousands of hours of investment, complexity and risk.

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The image showcases an eCommerce platform at Bufab.

Empower your sales team

Equip your sales team with a powerful digital tool to increase efficiency, while freeing up your customer service team to focus on customers who truly require assistance. The result? Happier customers and increased loyalty. Plus, you get access to one of the most powerful campaign tools available.

Seamlessly integrated with leading digital commerce platforms and Jeeves ERP, our platform supports all standard data models. This minimises the risks and costs of implementation and integration. The platform follows modern SEO and accessibility standards, while focusing on creating the fastest accelerator in the Nordic market.

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Full ownership and control

With Knowit as your eCommerce partner, you retain full control and ownership of the solution, setting the direction and pace of development. You benefit from a long-term partnership and a robust platform that can continually adapt to your needs. Seamlessly integrated with Jeeves ERP, this platform offers an unparalleled experience.

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  • Content management
  • PIM
  • An advanced search engine
  • Fast checkout
  • Product variations
  • Subscription features
  • Mass order management
  • Testing features

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