The Jeeves Sales and Customer Service application area is built around highly flexible sales order management functionality that can accommodate any type of manufacturing, distribution, and/or service business. The module is able to handle manufacturing environments from make-to-stock to make-to-order, distribution channels from direct-from-inventory to direct-from-suppliers, and business complexity from single sites to multiple locations worldwide. The module is deeply integrated with the core system allowing you to link your customer-facing processes and interactions to critical transactional data, including open orders, accounts receivable, service orders, and much more.

The Jeeves Sales and Customer Service module comes with predefined processes, roles, menus and forms that can be easily aligned to your existing sales organization and process. Customers can be easily segmented into various categories for posting control, statistics, discount management and more. You also can categorize your products in any way—putting them into accounts, classes or groups at the product or line item level. Likewise, pricing and other classifications are available for each product and item, with options for language, units, payment terms, delivery terms, delivery methods, currency clauses, and more. When it’s time to sell something, your sales team will have a real-time view of what is available to sell and what is not—including product variants and seasonal products, as well as automated pricing based on negotiated quotes, price lists, tax calculations, and discounts.



Key Features


Your sales and customer service reps have complete visibility into product and item availability across your entire supply chain, including multiple warehouses. The Jeeves available to promise feature considers shortages, necessary purchases and manufacturing orders, planned receipts and dispatches, and item lead times. With Jeeves, you can rest assured that when an order is being created, your customers will be able to trust your promised delivery date.


The Jeeves ERP estimator tool is a light sales configurator that allows you to select materials and routings, as well as service and maintenance delivery, for either standard or customized, make-to-order products. The estimate provides sales personnel with a 360-degree view of the business, including a profit/loss check, helping them more efficiently move to the quote phase.


Handle a broad range of requirements for pricing agreements and discount management, from tiered pricing to complex discount matrices. When your customer is ready to buy, quotations can then be quickly converted to orders. You also can brand and adjust standard quotations on the fly, as well as connect them to mailing contacts, lists or campaigns.


Enter and log customer claims, including remarks about items, orders and invoices, and record how they are to be settled as well as actions to be taken. You can define different workflows for different types of claims, specify the data required for scheduling, and control how activities should be reported.

Company and Contact Management

Track and manage company and contact information. The system allows you to easily distinguish prospective customers from existing ones, and carriers from suppliers. For each company, you can manage the language of item names, units, payment terms, delivery terms, and delivery methods, as well as print external documents in the customer's language. Contact records can be linked to a company at any time. As with company records, contacts can be classified based on whatever statuses and fields you choose, as well as easily linked to workflows, such as a button that kicks off a direct email from within the system.

Sales Process Management

Every company’s sales team follows a unique sales process underpinned by proven sales methodologies. With the Jeeves Sales and Customer Service module, you can automate and track the critical points of your sales process, time-stamping status changes or kicking off approval workflows so that your sales revenue becomes as predictable as possible. You can manage your sales orders easily with the sales order mobile app. 

Opportunity Management

Your sales team can easily associate sales opportunities with companies and contacts to help your management team get a better grasp of your sales pipeline. Opportunities can be linked to marketing activities and campaigns so that you can better understand marketing effectiveness. Statuses and fields allow you to track key opportunity data, such as win/loss and reason codes. You also can choose at what point your opportunities will feed into sales forecasting reports.

Sales Reporting

Monitor the performance metrics that matter most to your business. Forecasting can be looked at by rep to assess performance to quota, or at the company level to predict probable sales revenue and margins. In the pipeline analysis node, you can see a graphical view of all active opportunities, and a sum of potential revenue by sales phase. In the future income node, you can look ahead to future years and plan revenue based on your existing opportunities, grouped by either period or quarter.

Outlook Integration

You’ll rarely meet a sales rep who doesn’t manage his day within his personal Outlook calendar. Whether they are on the road visiting customers or managing back-to-back calls and meetings, your sales team members can rely on seeing all of their CRM activities, including details about the customer, quotation, opportunity and contact person, in Outlook.

Activity Reporting

From outbound telemarketing to inbound lead follow up, there are many activities across sales and marketing that are critical to ensure your revenue targets are met. With the Jeeves Sales and Customer Service module, you can track activities, as well as link them directly to companies, contacts or opportunities.

Lead Management

Your marketing team can manage leads as responses, through checklists of standard responses and links to activities, or as part of opportunity management. Statuses and fields you choose will help you gain a better understanding of the top of your sales funnel, as well as help to evaluate which campaigns and offers are working best.

Campaign Management

The Jeeves Sales and Customer Service module provides support for campaign management, allowing you to build distribution lists for companies and contacts based on any field or data point, from industry classification codes to the response entered for a previous campaign. Lists can be easily copied for reuse and modification, or even manually built. Once the distribution list is built, and companies and contacts assigned to a campaign, marketers can send targeted email communications to the list, fueled by the most up-to-date recipient contact information. When the campaign is sent, you can generate activities for the salesperson responsible for a campaign recipient, and track the follow up and results.

Competitor Monitoring

You can record and monitor competitive intelligence using fields and forms that display everything from a SWOT analysis to product assortment to financial performance. Win/loss data from your opportunities against this competitor can be linked, along with information on the key factors that led to the outcome of the deal.

Key Customer Data and Documents

The Jeeves Sales and Customer Service module is fully integrated with all other application areas in the Jeeves ERP system, so you can easily link to key customer data, such as orders, invoices or open service engagements. The module’s deep integration with the Jeeves document management [MS2] application ensures that your sales personnel are always using the most up-to-date product information, marketing collateral, and business templates, such as sales letters, contracts or quotes.


Integrations and Additive Solutions

Jeeves ERP can be extended by a number of integrations and additive solutions—some built by Jeeves; others built in partnership with leading software providers; and still others custom-built by our product experts leveraging the system’s open architecture and service builder tool. Additive application areas include: