Manufacturing companies invest many resources into people, resources and facilities, and are exposed to challenges, every day, that are difficult to manage. Things like absence of staff, machines that break down och delays in the delivery of required materials are just some of the things that creates challenges for planners. Getting a manufacturing company to work is costly, and especially so when incorrect decisions for the production plan affects the entire company. Getting that high-level perspective while remaining in full control of the details is hard.

EQ Plan for Jeeves ERP allows you to get control of your manufacturing and helps you improve your productivity and efficiency. Planned operations are visualized to show how your production is planned, and you can easily switch between different view to see what operations have been planned, which operations that are delayed and more. The integration between EQ Plan and Jeeves ERP automatically distributes the most recent information on your manufacturing in progress.

EQ Plan helps you manage production deviations easier and helps you see what can be improved by simulating how various changes affect your manufacturing. You are in full control over when a plan should be changed and committed to ensure that the tool supports you in exploring and finding the best possible plan for your production. With EQ Plan for Jeeves ERP, your company and its manufacturing will improve its efficiency and help you do the right things at the right time.


Take control over your production

EQ Plan allows you not only to see what happens with your current production, it also allows you to peer into the future to understand availability and capacity for coming work. You’ll gain control over daily changes and challenges, improve the execution of your manufacturing and allows you to communicate more reliable conditions to the organization and your customers. Complex information is easy to understand, regardless of the level of planning.

Optimize your planning

Forget those days where operations are re-planned without understanding how those changes affect other operations. EQ Plan allows you to try different scenarios through simulation in order for you to find the production plan that works best for you. A completed plan is easily sent to Jeeves ERP from EQ Plan through the simple press of a button.

Interactive and user friendly

EQ Plan is interactive and assists your planning process through a GANTT chart. Each moment, or time slice, shows both what changes to your production will mean with assistive information like capacity utilization, dependencies between operations, overlaps and delays and more. Through it all, you’ll find what needs to be done to improve how your resources are used and with that improve your productivity and efficiency. With this process and functionality, you’ll achieve better precision with your deliveries, lower costs and a strengthened competitive ability for your business.

About Timemetrics and EQ Plan

Timemetrics have worked with manufacturing processes and planning tools for close to 20 years, and EQ Plan is used by companies in various industries in more than 20 countries.

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