With Jeeves for Metal Fabrication, you can handle both production and distribution across multiple companies and warehouses. The system is uniquely positioned to meet the specific requirements of manufacturers in the metal fabrication sector, including shop floor and inventory optimization. Your stock is optimized with a number of features, including forecasts, cover days, calendars, pick-up times, and WMS. What's more, Jeeves ERP is extremely flexible, allowing you to customize the system to meet the unique operational requirements of your business today, with the ability to scale and change for where you want to be tomorrow.

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Metal Fabrication

A industry tied to the value chain 

In order to remain competitive and achieve continued growth, today's metal fabricators require:

  • efficient logistics throughout the supply chain.
  • a forecast management tool that constantly detects market fluctuations.
  • unlimited possibilities for differentiated prices, discounts and dimensions.
  • the ability to account for the same item using different measurements (kilo/meter/piece) ... both in sales and storage.
  • ways to achieve differentiated products and services in the value chain.

ERP designed for the metal fabrication industry automates tedious and time-consuming business processes and delivers greater visibility throughout the value chain. Companies achieve improved margins and profitability, and more actionable insight on how to stay ahead of competition.

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