Business communication takes place thousands of times each day, from orders and invoices, to order acknowledgements and confirmations. Without EDI, all parties must be appropriately staffed to handle these inevitably costly, manual, and error-prone communications. EDI reduces the duplication of data entry and effort required to keep communication with your constituencies ongoing, while helping all parties act more quickly on information.

Jeeves EDI is designed for companies who frequently exchange information and documents with their customers, partners and suppliers. Highly efficient and reliable communication throughout the supply chain ensures that deliveries are accurate, on time, and of the highest quality.





  • Eliminate costly, error-prone and manual communications.
  • Allow the members of your supply chain to act on information more quickly.
  • Communicate with your customers, suppliers, and partners reliably and securely.




All Message Types

Jeeves EDI includes a set of pre-built message types, and can be customized to address others. With a seamless integration to Jeeves ERP, Jeeves EDI eliminates the need for manual and duplicate data entry and ensures that data remains valid.

Powered by Inoviz

Jeeves EDI is based on technology from Inobiz, a market leader in EDI and integration products. Built on a proven foundation, Jeeves EDI requires little to no consulting for implementation or adding new messages.

Edi Server and Jeeves Message Broker

Jeeves EDI is built on a general message engine, which also can handle message types other than EDI. As a result, Jeeves EDI can be used in core system application areas, such as procurement.

Automatic Syntax Conversion

EDI information is translated to records within a table and is then available for further processing, creating an efficient way to handle syntax conversions.

Defined Partner Profiles for Automation and Customization

Defined partner profiles allow you to achieve high levels of both automation and personalization. Each partner and message can be unique, and communicate different messages at different times based on different triggers.

Alarm via Email

Jeeves EDI provides full support to build custom email alarms triggered by the sending and receiving of messages. Alarms can be aligned to unique business processes or created to identify messages to and from key customers or suppliers.

Message Storage and Retrieval

Original messages are stored in the system, and can be accessed later for analysis. Message traceability also makes it easy to verify that rules have been setup correctly.

Pre-System Validation                      

Jeeves EDI includes security and verification tools that allow you to validate, compare and create information before it is activated in the system.

Automation of Message Receipts

With automatic message receipts, it’s easy to follow up which messages have been issued, which means greater security and good communication practices.

Jeeves EDI

Deliver automated, personalized and secure communications