Jeeves eApproval is designed to streamline the invoice approval process and shorten invoice lead times, thereby reducing the fees associated with lost or late invoices. Because Jeeves eApproval is process-driven, it automatically distributes relevant artifacts, including the invoice, throughout the entire authorization chain, which can be closely aligned with quality standards like ISO. In addition, while Jeeves eApproval is completely integrated with Jeeves ERP, no client installation is required. With access to a web browser, your team can be up and running quickly.

Jeeves eApproval is ideal for companies that want to eliminate the handling of paper invoices, or impose more stringent controls via an electronic invoice flow. Jeeves eApproval also benefits a geographically dispersed organization that must handle and approve invoices across multiple companies, languages, currencies, or time zones.




  • Reduce the administration time associated with monitoring and tracking the invoicing process.
  • Shorten invoice lead times.
  • Reduce late fees.
  • Provide approval access for anyone in your organization with a simple web-based client.
  • Minimal training required based on a deep integration with the core system.
  • Low cost to implement and maintain.
  • Invoice follow-up and analysis.





Jeeves eApproval is process-oriented, allowing you to align your invoice approval process with your quality system, while decreasing chances for error. Consistent processes give your finance team ongoing control of and visibility into where an invoice is and how far it has gone within the process.


Jeeves eApproval provides an easy way to manage and present invoices to your employees, without having to give everyone in your organization full access to Jeeves ERP. The system is easy to deploy using only a web browser, allowing anyone within your company the ability to approve an invoice, wherever they might be.

Automatic Reminders and Registration

No manual invoice monitoring is required. Automatic reminders and built-in escalation processes reduce the administration time required of your finance team, resulting in fewer late fees.

Authorization Chains (Dynamic)

Jeeves eApproval comes with a prepackaged but customizable template for the distribution of invoices. The authorization approval chain, once in place, reduces uncertainty and delay throughout the approval process.

Event Log

With the application’s event log, invoices can be tracked quickly and bottlenecks can be identified. Follow-up and analysis is therefore greatly simplified for your finance team.

Posting Permissions

Posting permissions make it easier to identify the account for an invoice, thereby reducing the number of incorrect postings and improving accounting accuracy.

Standardized Business Logic Used on The Web Interface

Because Jeeves eApproval applies the same framework of rules used in Jeeves ERP, rules only need to be defined once. Consistency between Jeeves ERP and the Jeeves eApproval web client provides for a cheaper implementation and easier maintenance.

Connected to Jeeves ERP Purchase Routine

With a built-in connection to the Jeeves ERP purchase routine, you gain control over the link between delivery and invoicing. With this feature, you have the ability to either match or view a purchase order on the web.

Invoice Matching

With Jeeves eApproval, you can match invoices against purchase order(s) automatically, on total amount or row amount. As a result, the invoice does not need to be routed for approval if the match is correct. Invoice matching also can be executed manually in Jeeves ERP or on the web.

Handling of Collective Invoices

With Jeeves eApproval, you have the ability to send an invoice to several people simultaneously, reducing administration and shortening lead times.

Connected to Jeeves Fixed Asset Routine

Because Jeeves eApproval is connected to the fixed asset routine, rules are defined only once. Within the application, you can add the cost of an invoice to an existing or new asset.

Built Into Jeeves ERP

Completely integrated with Jeeves ERP, information within and created by Jeeves eApproval is always accurate and up to date in real time. The tight integration results in less training for your finance team, because they are working with Jeeves AP as usual.


Streamline the invoice approval process and shorten invoice lead times