A new beginning for smarter use of your ERP system

Have you ever experienced that the way you do things is messy, and that determining the right thing to do is all but obvious?

The new dashboard functionality in Jeeves ERP and the Desktop Client helps you prioritize your work and make most out of your time. Your tasks are added to your to-do list, either by yourself or automatically by Jeeves ERP. The work in your list is easily accessible from the dashboard with all the information your tasks entail.

If you need to pause an active work item, simply flag it and add a comment. You’ll be able to pick it up again on the dashboard and continue from where you left from.

Jeeves ERP supports users who work across many functions and in different roles. A switch from a project-based view to a warehouse-based view is a simple click away, and all views, dashboard objects and programs will be adjusted to fit the function or task in focus. Use the “Favorites” button to mark your favorite programs and make them accessible from whichever view you prefer.

Quicker deliveries and increased delivery precision

Jeeves Desktop Client also supports push notifications relevant to your role or department. At any given time, you can create a notification for another user in order to get their attention to something that needs to be checked. The other user navigates directly from the push notification to the record in question, be it a customer order, a quality control journal or anything else.

Easier collaboration throughout your organization

Not only does Jeeves ERP and the Desktop Client support interactive push notifications throughout the Jeeves ERP ecosystem; you can also make relevant information accessible to your colleagues through an email. Simply share, add your comment, and your colleague will receive a link that automatically navigates to Jeeves ERP when opened.

Smart searches

Jeeves ERP helps you find relevant and actionable information quickly, all through the same view from which you process and modify information. You can create both simple and highly advanced search queries, all of which you can save and modify when needed.

Nils Huhta, Development Manager at Index Braille, said this about the Jeeves Desktop Client:

“Jeeves new Desktop Client, with its dashboard and more, supports each user, our departments and the whole company to become less reactive and more proactive.”




Customize the start page for each user

With Jeeves ERP and the Desktop Client, user friendly design capabilities allow companies to customize the views and dashboard of users and their roles

The Jeeves Desktop Client includes

Start page with customizable widgets

  • List widgets can present filtered lists with active records from different programs based on roles and other constraints. You can open the program to view the record directly from the widget by activating the record in the list widget
  • Chard widgets present data in real time, either through a pie chart, column chart or line chart
  • Web widgets allows you to embed web pages and web content directly on your dashboard. Examples include your favorite Business Intelligence application or a web page some function in your business need readily available for their work
  • The widget for flagged records is a one-stop location for specific information to various programs. When you flag a record of interest, it will appear in this list for easy access
  • The To-Do widget is where you collect the things you need to do or remind yourself about

Simpler navigation

  • Button based menu with your favorite programs. Active programs are easily accessible from the top of the menu
  • Each program contains shortcuts to other programs of interest. You can also add more shortcuts to a program to help you optimize the way you use Jeeves ERP
  • One program can be open in several instances. No more constraints like being limited to a single program window when multiple customer orders have to be managed at the same time

Simpler use

  • New design for all programs, program controls, lists and dialogs
  • New filtering options in your lists, both on column level and for all the data in a list