Jeeves ERP for Wholesale Distribution

Uniquely designed for wholesalers, distributors, agencies and retailers for optimisation and automation



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Wholesale - an industry in the midst of generational change

The wholesale industry is undergoing significant change due to changing shopping patterns. The exponential growth of e-commerce has lowered barriers to entry, enabling global market access for products that were once localised. At the same time, rapid advances in online and mobile technology present both opportunities and challenges for wholesalers, requiring adaptability and agility to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

To meet the challenges of increased global competition and shorter time-to-market demands, wholesalers need to:

  • Streamline logistics flows across the value chain for greater efficiency.
  • Use a forecasting management platform to continuously monitor market fluctuations.
  • Unlock unlimited opportunities for personalised pricing and discounts.
  • Implement unique customer branding and packaging to differentiate in the marketplace.

Jeeves ERP for Wholesale is equipped to meet these demands and more. With process automation and actionable insights, you can optimise your operations for maximum cost-effectiveness while delighting partners and end customers.

Jeeves ERP for Wholesale Distribution enables seamless multilateral management, efficient distribution and trading across multiple companies and warehouses.

Your inventory is optimised through management of:

  • Forecasts
  • Service levels
  • Cover days
  • Calendars
  • Collection times 
  • WMS

Jeeves ERP is designed to meet the specific needs of the wholesale distribution industry. In addition, its exceptional flexibility allows you to customise the system to meet your business's current operational requirements, with the ability to adapt and scale for future growth.

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