Jeeves ERP for Project-Based Manufacturing

Addresses the specific needs of companies involved in the construction of equipment, prototypes or industrial machinery, as well as those managing construction sites involving roads, natural resources, mechanical resources and spatial resources.

Bilden visar en fabrik där man tillverkar metall

Project-Based Manufacturing - an increasingly cost-conscious industry

For project-driven manufacturing, the challenges are many:

  • Increased global competition.
  • Increased focus on costs.
  • Increased pressure to deliver projects on time and within budget.
  • Managing constant change with subcontracts and multiple subcontractors.
  • Dependency on milestones to check and secure.

In addition, industry-specific regulations and institutional requirements require increased attention to regulatory compliance, traceability, documentation and administration.

In addition, new market channels and government procurement are adding complexity to sales and audit processes, resulting in labour-intensive manual data entry and complicated approval workflows. These challenges add time and risk to projects designed to maintain efficiency and profitability.

Jeeves ERP for Project-Based Manufacturing provides flexible business process automation and industry-specific functionality to ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery.

Jeeves ERP for Project-Based Manufacturing helps you manage projects with:

  • Multiple stakeholders
  • Engineering
  • Audits
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi-company distribution
  • Multiple warehouses, regions and countries
  • Service and aftermarket service 

Jeeves ERP is uniquely positioned to meet the specific requirements of your industry. It's also highly flexible, allowing further customisation to meet the unique operational needs of your business today, while providing the scalability and adaptability for future growth.

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