Jeeves ERP for Metal Fabrication

Jeeves ERP delivers features tailored to the unique functional requirements of companies involved in forging, forming, bending, stamping and machining metal into intermediate or finished products.

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Metal fabrication - an industry tied to the value chain

In order to remain competitive and to achieve continued growth, today's metal fabricators need to have:

  • Optimised logistics throughout the supply chain.
  • Dynamic forecasting tool that identifies market fluctuations.
  • Endless possibilities for customised pricing, discounts and dimensions.
  • Ability to account for items with different measurements (kilo/metre/piece) in both sales and inventory.
  • Methods to create differentiated products and services within the value chain.

Tailored to the metal fabrication industry, Jeeves ERP automates tedious and time-consuming business processes and provides greater visibility across the value chain. Companies experience improved margins and profitability, and gain actionable insights to maintain a competitive edge.

Jeeves ERP tailored to your unique requirements

With Jeeves for metal fabrication, you can seamlessly manage both production and distribution across multiple companies and warehouses. The system is uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of metal fabrication manufacturers.


  • Shop floor 
  • Inventory optimization
  • Forecasts
  • Cover days
  • Calendars
  • Collection times
  • WMS

In addition, Jeeves ERP offers exceptional flexibility, allowing you to customise the system to meet the unique operational requirements of your business today, while providing the scalability and adaptability for tomorrow's growth.

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