Jeeves ERP for Machine Industry

Designed for companies that manufacture machinery in a wide range of sectors including agriculture, construction, utilities, mining and manufacturing.

Bilden visar metallindustrin och någon som svarvar i metall

Machine Industry - an industry with many challenges

Machine manufacturers are under constant pressure to shorten production cycles while adapting to increasingly complex customer requirements. They need to protect their margins while demonstrating continuous progress to their customers. Jeeves ERP for industrial machinery helps these companies streamline processes throughout the supply chain, from procurement and design to production planning, scheduling, delivery and invoicing.

Jeeves ERP to meet your specific requirements

Jeeves ERP helps heavy machinery companies manage the complex demands of customer-focused engineering and manufacturing.

Jeeves generates proposals based on:

  • Orders
  • Forecasts
  • Capacity
  • Availability

Projects can reference alternative operations and supplier pricing to ensure they stay on time and within budget.

Jeeves ERP is uniquely positioned to meet the specific requirements of the machinery industry. It is highly flexible, allowing further customisation to meet the unique operational requirements of your business today, while providing the scalability and adaptability for tomorrow's growth.

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