Jeeves ERP for Chemical Industry

An innovative solution designed to optimise operations for companies handling chemical and cosmetic products, waste and recycling, or food contact materials.

Bilden visar tunnor med kemiska produkter på ett lager

Chemical industry - an industry that is facing an increasing number of industry-specific regulations 

Today, many companies in the chemical industry are challenged by increasing levels of industry regulation, global competition and quality standards. At the same time, they are under sustained pressure to maintain margins and control costs to meet the profitability expectations of their shareholders.

Using Jeeves ERP, chemical companies can streamline and automate the business processes that help them meet these challenges.

Jeeves for the Chemical Industry gives you the ability to monitor the development, manufacturing and distribution of chemical products across multiple companies, warehouses, regions and countries.

This solution is uniquely tailored to meet specific industry requirements:

  • Traceability
  • Multiple lots and packaging
  • Scheduling
  • Container handling
  • Process manufacturing. 

In addition, Jeeves ERP offers exceptional flexibility, allowing you to customise the system to meet the unique operational needs of your business today, while providing the scalability and adaptability for future growth.

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