EazyStock is a fully-integrated, third-party solution chosen to meet the needs of Jeeves ERP customers operating in distribution-intensive environments. EazyStock is designed for wholesalers and manufacturers of durable goods and best fits small or medium-sized businesses that buy or make thousands of items that are sold from stock.

The solution helps SMEs to improve demand forecast accuracy, eliminate stock outs and reduce excess stock levels. 

EazyStock is cloud-based inventory optimization software that connects to Jeeves ERP. Once connected, EazyStock automates time-consuming and inaccurate manual processes to improve demand forecast accuracy and take your inventory management to the next level.  

EazyStock does this through four simple stages: 

  • Connect - Connect EazyStock to Jeeves ERP for quick and easy setup.
  • Forecast – Ditch the spreadsheets and automate demand forecasting. Our best-in-breed algorithms generate highly accurate predictions that account for seasonality, demand trends and promotions. 
  • Optimise – Automatically calculate your minimum and maximum stock levels without tying-up unnecessary cash. Let EazyStock calculate reorder points, optimal order quantities, safety stock levels and more. Improve stock availability, delight your customers and avoid lost sales.
  • Order – Purchase with confidence. EazyStock automatically calculates order quantities, so you get what you need at the right time. Schedule supplier orders and use the order fill-up to function to fill up shipping containers. Then simply review your order proposals and click to confirm. 




  • Decrease inventory by 30 percent or more
  • Improve service levels to 98 percent or more
  • Increase planner and purchaser productivity
  • Identify and address excess and obsolete inventory
  • Decrease stock outs
  • Improve inventory turns
  • Decrease high-cost rush orders




Demand Forecasting

Eliminate the guesswork from your demand forecasting processes. EazyStock’s automatic demand type classification and system algorithms follow your product lifecycles from market introduction to end of life, which helps you better manage your purchasing costs and ensure more accurate demand forecasts.


EazyStock uses sophisticated intelligence techniques to deliver a clear, precise view of demand variations related to seasonal events. Seasonal demand profiles are automatically integrated in your demand forecasting process for each item and location, improving your forecasting accuracy.

Inventory Optimization

EazyStock dynamically suggests inventory levels and fulfillment targets to ensure that your fast-moving products are always available for your customers. With EazyStock, each item and warehouse location is dynamically tracked and planned to achieve your target customer service level at the lowest possible cost to the business.

Replenishment Execution

Optimized order proposals are generated automatically on a daily basis and synced to match your demand forecasts and planning parameters. Order proposals in EazyStock let you know when and how much of each product is to be purchased from a supplier or to be replenished from your production to ensure service levels are met and your purchasing costs are low.

Promotion Management

 Manage your inventory demand outliers with more control. With EazyStock, your marketing and sales promotional data is automatically flagged in your demand forecasts and inventory planning. Also, included is functionality to support the activities of new product introductions (NPI) to the marketplace.

Multi-Location Inventory Planning

Eliminate multiple inventory planning tools and disparate systems across your network of warehouses. In EazyStock, you can balance your global network of inventory within your supply chain and create visibility across all your different stocking locations.

Inventory KPIs and Reports

All your inventory key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports can be found in one centralized place in EazyStock, keeping you informed and your supply chain running efficiently.


About EazyStock

We are inventory optimization experts, and our market-leading software helps businesses of all sizes to balance inventory levels to meet demand with minimal capital expenditure. Building on Syncron’s cloud-based inventory optimization software, EazyStock supports B2B and B2C businesses and organizations across the globe from a wide range of sectors. Syncron have been developing inventory optimization software for over 20 years, managing inventory in over 30k stock holding locations, and deployed with some of the world’s best-in-class companies when it comes to customer service.  

For more information, visit www.eazystock.com


Increase delivery service levels and reduce inventory carrying costs